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10 Low-budget Link Building Tactics For Content Marketing

Link building can be done for cheap, as long as you're willing to put in the time and effort. | Maksim Kabakou | Shutterstock

Link building can be done for cheap, as long as you're willing to put in the time and effort. | Maksim Kabakou | Shutterstock

You don’t need to have a huge budget to earn high-quality backlinks. Here are ten low-budget link building tactics to help you rank higher and drive traffic.

Link building is a crucial element of SEO. Some studies have even proved that the number of domains linking to a page is the most important factor in terms of ranking.

You could say that search engines, including Google, see links as recommendations. The more domains that link to you, the more reliable your site must be. Links are little votes of support for your website in the eyes of search engines.

Low-budget link building is a great way to drive traffic, improving your ranking in SERPs, and enhancing your website’s reputation.

The best thing about linking? It doesn’t have to cost the sun and the moon.

If you’re clever and think outside the box, you can plan an efficient and cost-effective low-budget link building strategy.

10 Low-budget Link Building Tactics For Content Marketing

1. Scout for Broken Links

If you have a look on websites similar to yours and check for broken links you’ll be surprised how many you’ll find. Luckily for you, another man’s broken link is your linking opportunity!

Once you find a broken link, you can contact the website’s owner and make a pitch to them. Offer to replace their broken link with a link to your content, services, or resources.

broken link checker
Broken Link Checker Tool |

It’s really easy to find broken links. You can simply use tools like Dead Link Checker for free.

Just enter the website URL and this nifty tool will analyze it and report back with any broken links.

2. Roundup Experts

One of the best ways to go about low-budget link building is collaborating with experts in your field. The fact that it won’t cost you a dime is an added bonus.

You can easily get links by rounding up experts to contribute to a blog post or article. You just have to reach out to the right people who are willing to answer any questions you may have or offer an opinion.

Consider influencers, bloggers, and key players with authority in your industry. To maximize your chance of earning links, investigate whether or not each potential collaborator actively links to resources they feature in.

Everyone wants their opinion to be heard and most will jump at the opportunity to get some extra publicity.

For example, a topic like the recent Facebook changes would have been the ideal opportunity to gather opinions from key players on social media. Imagine if you collected the opinions of 50 social media experts in one blog post. Tons of readers and other blog posts would link to this resource.

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Anyone you collaborate with is likely to share the content with their followers and on their websites or blogs. The result? Links building left, right and center!

This could also help you to establish relationships with influencers. This is a great digital marketing tactic that you can go on to use in future campaigns.

One tip we have for you is to avoid long-form emails when contacting potential collaborators. Chances are they get loads of emails every day, so get straight to the point.

3. Interview Experts

A similar way to get links for free is by interviewing industry experts.

Ideally, you could create a series of interviews with experts on a variety of related topics. Not only is this a free way to earn links, but it also helps to establish your content as a reliable source.

Your interview should focus on key topics that you know your target audience will be interested in. Make sure to make the interview engaging by encouraging the expert to share top tips, expert hacks, and specialist insight.

If your interview is a valuable resource, you could even reach out and offer it to other relevant publishers to earn even more links.

Considering that it’s estimated that 80% of all consumer traffic will be video traffic, this could be a good route to take. You could film your interviews and present the clip with the transcription.

Your low-budget link building mantra should be: create valuable resources, earn high-quality links.

4. Create Infographics

Infographics are a wonderful place to start for low-budget link building.

People love easily digestible content. That’s why people love infographics.

Infographics let your audience absorb a lot of information fast and efficiently. However, not every content creator has the time or expertise to create original infographics.

For this reason, they also serve as a valuable resource for other websites to use in their content and link to. Creating useful infographics to go with evergreen content may take time, but will pay off in the long run. Once you start publishing infographics, you are sure to generate a long stream of backlinks.

When creating infographics, you should always design them to be informative, clear, and concise.

You could even reach out to other websites within your industry and offer your infographics to them.

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inforgraphics for low budget link building
This link building infographic via delivers nuggets of SEO information at a glance

5. Guest Blog

Inviting experts or influencers to post content as a guest on your site is an effective way to build links. Not only is it cost-efficient, it also requires little to no effort on your part.

All you have to do is find someone who you think would be suitable. Perhaps you could check who has linked to or shared your content in the past? Then ask them if they would be willing. You’ll be surprised at how many will take you up on the opportunity.

Not only will this help you to earn links, if your guest has a large following it will create a buzz. Being associated with someone respected or popular in your industry could win over lots of new followers of your site.

6. Create Detailed and Long-Form Guides

If you create a detailed, long-form guide then many writers will use this as a resource and link to it.

It’s no secret that Google bots favor long-form quality content. But 1,500 words of nonsense is not going to rank. Your content should provide very useful information that addresses your audience’s search intent.

A great way to earn links is to produce resources. There’s no point duplicating what’s already out there. See what unique insight you could have, or what solution you could offer.

Long-form educational guides are often referred to as “power pages”. And for good reason. People return to these resources time and time again. Additionally, you can include numerous links to other resources in the long-form guide.

7. Collaborate with Other Content Creators

Collaborations don’t just have to be interviews or guest posts. By figuring out new and original ways to collaborate with businesses that complement yours, you can easily get backlinks.

On a side note, try to steer clear of collaborating with your competitors as it might not be as effective for sourcing backlinks.  

A collaboration could be anything from a charity event, podcast, vlog, product, or even just a live stream. These days you don’t even have to meet them in person to collaborate. On Instagram, for instance, multiple accounts can go live together.

When you collaborate, both parties benefit by reaching the other’s audience along with their own. You also can exchange ideas and knowledge.

If you collaborate to create a product, it will benefit from being backed up by two marketing teams. This can be an effective way to raise brand awareness and maximize the success of a campaign. All while the links come rolling in behind the scenes.

8. Get Featured on Resource Pages

Many websites provide a resource page. This is where they list websites and resources that may be relevant or useful to their audience.

You should scout the web for these sites, but make sure they are credible. When you find one that could be a good match, go ahead and contact them. If you successfully pitch your website to them, they are likely to add you to their directory. That means one more backlink and a lot more traffic.

You could also create your own resource page on your website. You can coordinate links to high-quality websites that will be useful for your audience. It’s a major bonus if they also have a resource directory. By simply notifying them of your gesture, they will be likely to return the favor.

Depending on how you categorize your links, your resource page can also contain internal links to your own website or blog.

9. Have your Products Reviewed

Does your business provide a physical or digital product or service? Great, this low-budget link building hack is ideal for you.

Getting respected people to vouch for your products in reviews is a wonderful way to promote them. And, you guessed it, a wonderful way to build links for free.

All you have to do is find people who do reviews in your field and get in contact with them. Many bloggers and vloggers are willing to review products.

You could also reach out to influencers on social media platforms.

A powerful pitch that seldom fails is offering them freebies to be reviewed. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean giving your product or service for free (although doing this the odd time can really pay off).

You could offer a discount, free trial of your software, or invite them for a free consultation. More often than not, they’ll agree and link to your website in their review. It means content for them, and links for you!

You could even offer an incentive for their followers like a coupon or discount code to accompany the link. This is sure to drive traffic to your site as people will want to find out more.

Important Note: Be careful in how you go about getting reviews. You shouldn’t ask for a link directly in your email as this goes against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Instead, offer the product or trial and let the blogger decide if it’s worth reviewing.

10. Target Link Roundups

There are loads of websites out there that publish weekly or monthly link roundups on particular topics. Figure out which ones could be relevant to you and go ahead and pitch your content to them. If they like your content, they’ll include a link to it in their roundup.

Be careful not to come across as too pushy in your email. Remember at the end of the day, it’s their website and their choice. Instead, try to explain why your page or post would be a valuable addition to a certain roundup.

Being in a “best of” list is sure to get you new followers and helps to establish your expert status in the field.

Another benefit of connecting with website owners that do roundups is that they are likely to keep your website in mind for future round-ups too.

Take these 10 low-budget link building hacks and use them in your content marketing strategy. If you do it right, your website will earn loads of high-quality backlinks.

When Google sees your support system of high-quality backlinks, your site’s domain authority will increase and your traffic will grow. All it will cost you is a bit of brain power and effort.

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    Great overview Sophie!

    Another one that we use is to lookup articles and web pages with competitor backlinks and reach out to the authors. You need to ask gently to be included and demonstrate why this will add value to the article. Sucess rate: about 5%

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