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Twitter's 17 Best 90s-inspired Halloween Costume Ideas

The 90s were a special time, and here are our 17 best 90s-inspired Halloween Costume Ideas taken from Twitter and Buzzfeed--share your costume with us!

The Big Lebowski | Joel and Ethan Coen | Working Title Films

The Big Lebowski | Joel and Ethan Coen | Working Title Films

Edgy Labs presents to you a compilation of Halloween costume ideas inspired by movies and TV shows from the nineteen-nineties.

placeholderHere are 17 Ninties-inspired Halloween Costume Ideas:

17. Judy Funnie, Doug Funnie and Patty Mayonnaise from Doug

elbam | briscot |

16. Real Life Tamagotchi

ashelizabethann |

15. Matilda’s Miss Trunchbull

zoeb4060c75e6 |

14. Jay and Silent Bob

ldogg |

13. The X-Files’ Scully and Mulder

Scully and Mulder | victoriar43f47ca3f |

12. Dionne, Cher, and Tai – Clueless

Dionne, Cher, and Tai | littlemissuy |

11. Carmen Sandiego

Carmen Sandiego | mticeps |

10. Zenon and Nebula

Zenon and Nebula | colleenb4286c1c18 |

9. The Addams family

The Addams family | krissyg40b27b1e5 |

8. The Spice Girls

The Spice Girls | aliyahm3 |

7. Power Rangers

Power Rangers | joshuabenedictf |

6. CatDog

CatDog | cvlee12 |

5. Ace Ventura

Ace Ventura | katil3 |

4. Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World

Wayne and Garth | a4f22582a9 |

3. Daria and Trent Lane

Daria and Trent | elizabethr38 |

2. The Sanderson sisters and Billy

The Sanderson sisters and Billy | manonvanderw |

 1. Walter and The Dude

Walter and The Dude | newu414 |

This was the Edgy Labs’ editorial staff favorite. Which one was yours? Share your costume with us in the comments!

How are you dressing up for Halloween?Share a photo with us in the comments.

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