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3D Printing pen Becomes a Classroom Tool With 3Doodler

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This article details a new line of educational technology products from 3Doodler. Our exclusive interview with Head of EDU Leah Wyman will follow this article next week.

Recently, I wrote about 3D-printing services marketplace Shapeways. But I also had a mini-retrospective of all things 3D printing in that article.

I mentioned 3Doodler — one of the world’s first ever 3D printing pens. As it turns out, the company launched a brand new product aimed specifically at schools.

How are 3Doodler EDU Learning Packs going to change the classroom experience?

image of Teacher Experience Kit from 3 Doodler for article 3D Printing pen Becomes a Classroom Tool With 3Doodler

Try it First With Teacher Kits

While the kits for students matter, the 3Doodler EDU Teacher Experience Kit might matter most.

These kits are more affordable, ranging from $29 – $59 USD depending on the pen model. They include the following:

  • One 3Doodler pen
  • A sampler set of plastic
  • Abbreviated lesson plans and classroom materials

This is is the not-so-standard “try before you buy” kit for teachers on a budget.

With the materials included, teachers can try it out for themselves before investing in the full kit. Or they can use it to introduce the concepts to their students as a way to incentivize learning.

image of students using 3Doodler pen in class for article 3D Printing pen Becomes a Classroom Tool With 3Doodler

Not a Novelty — a Novel Classroom Tool

Just 5-years after their hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, 3Doodler won’t stop growing. More than 5,000 classrooms used their products over the last five years.

They have goals for inclusive teaching, renewability initiatives, and approaching teaching from new perspectives. Their blog is full of interesting information on how 3D art and teaching can bridge gaps in accessibility, learning styles, and more.

The 3Doodler Learning Pack features materials for a class of 6 – 12 students to experiment with 3D art and learning. The kits include:

  • 6 or 12 3Doodler Create+ or Start pens
  • 1,200 stands of plastic
  • Various tech accessories
  • Lesson plans and classroom materials for the teacher

They range in price from $349 – $1199 USD with the accolades of one of Europe’s leading agencies for educational technology. Kokoa highlights the best features of the 3D printing pen technology on their website.

The pen is easy to use, enables creative thinking and self-expression, and it offers nearly infinite learning possibilities ranging from artistic fields to STEM fields.

More Coverage to Come

We will be posting our exclusive interview with the company’s Head of EDU, Leah Wyman, next week. Keep an eye out for the article!

What would you do if your school had given you a 3D printing pen in class?

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