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4 Tech Trends to Expect in 2019

There's plenty of things to look forward to in the tech world in 2019 | Image By My Life Graphic |

There's plenty of things to look forward to in the tech world in 2019 | Image By My Life Graphic |

The recently concluded CES 2019 not only gave us a brief glimpse of tech trends to expect this year but also others to come. With any luck, flying cars will be part of our everyday lives soon. But that’s in the distant future.

Right now, we’re more interested in emerging tech and products that are a reasonable investment for consumers. So, you won’t find a $4,500 rollable 8K TV here, regardless of how awesome the picture quality may be.

Instead, we’ll focus on the tech that has the potential of providing a prominent change to the way we live. Let’s begin.

1. 5G is Coming

Although there were whispers of 5G in the past, the next generation of wireless connectivity is now just arriving.

With tech companies launching 5G smartphones and wireless operators like Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile rolling it out too, 5G is here to stay.

5G network’s impact extends beyond telecommunication. It generally includes smart cars, smart homes, and IoT devices.

With that said, the new network is not expected to replace 4G until 2020 completely.

2. Smart Home Integration

According to a 2019 tech trend survey, 26 percent of the respondents were excited about smart home technology. Also, they singled it out as the emerging tech trend in 2019.

Smart home integration involves getting various home devices to work seamlessly together. With increasing adoption of smart speakers and other home automation devices, the smart home may be the most critical tech trend in 2019.

Since home integration begins with little things like a thermostat and smoke detectors, it’s still within consumers’ price range.

3. Flexible Screens

Although flexible screens may leave a dent in the average consumer’s pocket, we cannot deny one thing; it’s an emerging technology. Furthermore, it’s highly likely to evolve and become mainstream.

From LG’s rollable OLED TV to the Royole Flexpai, the OLED flexible display is set to take over in 2019. And why not?

Aside from the aesthetic appeal, a flexible screen is utterly immune to breaking or smashing. Hence, consumers can enjoy a more durable device.

4. Self-driving cars

Sure, self-driving vehicles have existed for a while now. However, CES 2019 showed just how much it has evolved. With core technological supports such as a smaller circuit board, 5G, and updated algorithms, self-driving cars are one of the most promising tech trends of this year.

The new Internet of Things enables all smart appliances to interact. And like other intelligent devices, the self-driving car depends on communication systems.

If you’re wondering how much a self-driving car will cost, don’t. The current market targets delivery vehicles, tractors, and taxis. For 2019, self-driving cars will be service vehicles, but it won’t be long until they replace their human-driven predecessors.

Big Trends Ahead

It’s an exciting time for technology in general, but the tech trends of 2019 will make it one of the most important years for Industry 4.0 development.

With self-driving cars and smart homes becoming a reality, it’s exciting to think what the tech trends for 2020 will bring.

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    Anthony Crosier March 24 at 10:05 am GMT

    I can’t help but look forward to a brand new and amazing tech trend in stores.

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