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5 Tips for Creating Shareable Content

From great headlines to knowing your audience, Edgy brings you some solid tips for creating shareable content across your social platforms.

Pablo Calvog |

Pablo Calvog |

Creating quality content is not enough. It has to be shareable.

Creating high-quality content is great.

But creating high-quality content that gets shared a gazillion times, that’s awesome!

In this post, we are going to give you five actionable tips that’ll explode social media shares for your next content.

Creating Shareable Content With These 5 Tips:

1. Write great headlines.

Whether or not people will click-through your content is entirely based on your headline.

A great headline is like a magnet. It attracts people to your content.

A great headline is like a magnet. It attracts people to your content. Click To Tweet

When your content appears in search results, people don’t see the whole content, what is prominent is the headline–so make it count.

We’ve already covered “How to Write Headlines That Make for Viral Content“. There’s a ton of useful information to take this tip a bit further, so check it out.

Additionally, tools like the Coschedule Headline Analyzer and the Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer can be very useful in writing good headlines.

Start writing great headlines for your content and watch your social shares rise through the roof.

2. Know Your Audience.

Before you create any piece of content, you have to clearly define who you are creating it for.

There is no ‘One Size Fits All’ for content creation and marketing. What appeals to one group might not appeal to another.

A clearly defined audience will inform you on what they care about, their main points, when they’re most active online, and what platforms they use most.

With this information, you can adapt your content more accurately to fit their needs and also publish at the right times to platforms where they hang out most.

5 Tips for Creating Shareable ContentClick To Tweet

3. Write content that provides practical value.

People have genuine problems that need addressing. Other people are looking for ways to improve solutions that are already working.

Your audience is more likely to share your content if it addresses their main points or improves their existing solutions.

For example, if you’ve read this article up to this point, it means you’re looking for ways to get your content shared more. You won’t make it to the third tip if this wasn’t important to you.

By providing you with actionable tips to achieve your goals, you are more likely to share this piece of content with your network after reading it.

4. Make your content easy to read. Add lots of visuals.

Your readers have other things to do besides reading your content. If your content is difficult to read, a lot of your readers will not make it to the end.


Tools to Help you Generate Content

If readers quit halfway through the article, they’re less likely to share it.


Make it easy for readers to skim through your content. Avoid difficult words and long paragraphs.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Add multiple relevant images and other visuals to your content.

Improve overall look with better organization and readable fonts.

5. Make it easy to share.

The ultimate goal is to get your content shared so make sure it’s easy to do just that.

When readers enjoy your content, the next thing to look for is a way to share. If there isn’t one, they don’t share your content.

Gone are the days when people would copy and paste links into their social profiles directly.

viral content
Astephan |

Find a social sharing plugin that works for you and use it.

Don’t just put sharing buttons at the top and bottom of the article. Have them every step of the way.

Also, use Click to tweet to get readers to share key takeaways of your content to Twitter.


Social shares are a form of validation for your content. The more shares a content has, the more trusted the content is.

All the above tips won’t work if you don’t have good content. They’ll only work if you spend time creating high-quality content that provides real value.

Combine these tips with quality content and watch your social shares explode.

Do you have additional tips to make content more shareable? Share with us

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