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5 Tips on How to Generate Infinite Content Ideas

Content marketing provides conventional marketers a chance to evolve and share their story. However, creating unique content can become difficult over time, and the risk of that is even higher when content is generated constantly.

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Creating content doesn’t have to be difficult. These five tips will help you generate endless ideas for effective content marketing.

Whether advertisements, limited video series, blog posts, or live events, marketers connect with their audience through the content that they generate. A well-written blog article really can get you more customers. Presenting original research and the latest, relevant information enables you to build a great relationship with your audience.

Content marketing provides conventional marketers a chance to evolve and share their story. However, creating unique content can become difficult over time, and the risk of that is even higher when content is generated constantly.

We encounter the same problem. However, we’re willing to share the ways we break through content-writer’s block. To that end, we outlined the following tips.

5 Tips on How to Generate Infinite Content Ideas:

1. Check out the Competition

One of the best ways to stay abreast of relevant content marketing strategies is to look at your competition. If you do already, widen the scope of your research. Include other publications and businesses related to your niche.

An excellent way to start is by checking where their traffic comes from. Then, study what keywords work for them, the content themes that they use, who their affiliates are, and which social media channels provide them excellent exposure.

There are web tools and applications available on the internet that can help in analyzing your competition. Examples of these are Ahrefs, Growthbit, and BuzzSumo just to name a few.

2. Create Templates and Guidelines

After you have done competitor research, make some necessary preparations to match or surpass your competitors using your content writing.  One way to do this is by creating some templates and guidelines to help you create impressive contents.

There are three types of guidelines you can integrate into your posts. First, your style guide. These are the colors, designs, and overall personality that you want to align your brand with.  Second is your content directive. These refer to your goals and the approach, channels, and platforms you will use to achieve these goals. Lastly, we have the buyer personas which applies to your target audience.

3. Use web Tools to Set up Idea Funnels

Web and social media tools can work well in helping you generating content ideas. These tools allow you to search and store contents that you can analyze in one interface.

For keyword-based content ideas, Drumup is an excellent choice for providing daily suggestions on fresh content. It even allows you store them in in-app libraries. For social media, the Mention tool is excellent at giving ideas from social media influencers.

4. Bookmark and Save

For fresh ideas, start an idea folder. When you get a spontaneous idea, quickly jot it down save them on your laptop or phone. Take a screenshot of anything that may inspire you. Bookmark websites related to your niche for future references. Don’t forget to save these in an accessible folder and organize your ideas with labeled folders.

This idea may seem obvious, but it’s a habit you must force upon yourself in order to be truly effective.

5. Commit to a Rejuvenation Schedule

When you’re not careful, you may accumulate a lot of references that expire after just a year. To avoid this, create a schedule for revisiting your bookmarks and saved notes.

Of course, you want to stay updated on all the latest posts and marketing trends to keep your content relevant, but ideas that may seem old might be the next big thing. Set a quarterly or monthly date to revisit old bookmarks, screenshots, and files. If they really have expired in terms of potential value, take the opportunity to replace them with the most recent ideas.


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What keeps your content creation machine running?

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  1. Alison Ver Halen October 08 at 4:05 pm GMT

    Thanks for the great tips! I couldn’t agree more that the internet is a great resource for inspiration and topic ideas.

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