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58 Insane Bitcoin Facts Infographic Plus 10 Cool Things to Buy With BTC

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From the awesome people over at BitcoinPlay, here’s an incredible Bitcoin infographic and a list of ten things you can now purchase with your BTC.

As we’ve reported, Bitcoin’s value, despite a few downturns and a hard fork, is cruising well over the price of gold.

If you’re new to Bitcoin mining, trading, or you just want to learn a bit more, this is the perfect place to gain both general and practical knowledge.

From BitcoinPlay,

Several years ago it was hard to make purchases with Bitcoins.

Year over year, companies have started to become more innovative and as a result, thousands of merchants are accepting bitcoins.

Microsoft and Subway, AirBaltic and WordPress are now open to payment with Bitcoins.

Some retailers such Nike, Walmart, Amazon, Target now accept gift cards purchased with Bitcoins.

There is a cafe in Prague, where you can buy coffee solely with bitcoins (albeit a very small fraction of one BTC.

There is also an interactive map whereby you can see where you can purchase or pay with Bitcoin.

For more fascinating facts, check out this infographic designed by experts from BitcoinPlay. Then check out a list of 10 cool things you can buy with Bitcoins below it.

Bitcoin facts

Here are 10 Cool Things you can buy With Bitcoins:

1. A Cold Beer

Pubs were one of the first physical places that started to accept Bitcoins. Old Fitzroy in 2013 became the first pub in Australia that accepted Bitcoins.

2. Spend in Vegas

In 2014 the D Las Vegas and the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino started to accept bitcoins at their restaurants, front desks, and gift shops. However, gambling in Vegas is not possible with Bitcoins.

3. Buy a Villa

Go to Bitcoin Real Estate website and choose your villa. For example, there is a villa in Thailand with 7 bedrooms and a magnificent view worth $1,132,000 USD or approximately 280 BTC.

4. Take a Cab

Whilst you can’t pay for an Uber with Bitcoin, in Argentina or London you can grab a cab and pay with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin-friendly taxis are very common in these cities.

5. Burger King’s Whoppers

When Burger King went all Bitcoin in Arnhem, Netherlands 2016, it started to offer a free Whopper to each customer who paid by digital currency.

6. Airplane Tickets

Expedia and accept ticket bookings with Bitcoins.

7. Yacht

Buy a Yacht on BitPremier with 1,574.04 BTC or $6,300,000.00 USD.

8. Luxury Jewelry

All Things Luxury does not have prices listed in BTC, but during checkout, you can pay with Bitcoins.

9. Gambling

Online gambling is where most Bitcoin transactions occur. Satoshi Dice is one of the most popular online gambling portals (make sure this is legal in your home country).

10. Give to Charity

 If you are the owner of a good few Bitcoins, it would be a nice gesture to give some to charity.

You can use your Bitcoins to support Human rights in Sri Lanka, for example.

There are several portals to make purchases online with Bitcoins: Gyft, BitPremier, BitcoinStore. Choose where you are going to spend your wealth wisely.

So, how about it? Where are you going to spend your Bitcoins?

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