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7 Content Distribution Tools for Growing Your Audience

Today, writing high-quality content for your audience is only half the battle. To get the most reach out of your content, you need effective content distribution tools. Here are seven of the best tools available today.

Content tools are the best and most efficient way of increasing your site's reach and audience.  Image by Cressida studio | Shutterstock

Content tools are the best and most efficient way of increasing your site's reach and audience. Image by Cressida studio | Shutterstock

If you have ever felt that your high-quality content hasn’t received the attention it deserves, then it’s time to consider using these 7 content distribution tools.

You’ve done the research, put in the work, and you finally have an amazing piece of authentic content.

Time to sit back, relax, and watch the views come rolling in, right? Not exactly. Creating great content is only half the battle.

Now you need to get it out there and drive traffic.

Content distribution is really important. What’s the point of producing the best high-quality content if no one sees it?

You need to provide your audience with valuable content while it’s still fresh and current. If it fails to reach your audience in time, it will lose value.

Don’t just wait around and hope for the best, use these seven distribution tools to ensure your content is seen by your target audience.

1. Outbrain

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Outbrain is a platform that helps connect marketers to their target audience.

According to their website, Outbrain provides personalized recommendations using proprietary interest and behavioral data to their audience. Outbrain claim that here you can capture your target audience’s attention all the way to inspiring their next action.

Sounds great, but how does it really work?

The platform offers users a pay-per-click model of content distribution to allow businesses reach a wider audience.

All you have to do is sign up and submit links to your content or an RSS feed of your content. Outbrain then posts these links at the bottom of leading stories on well-established, authoritative media sites. You may have come across links like this in your own reading or research. They are usually labeled ‘sponsored content’ or ‘related’.

This will help draw more eyes to your content and promote your brand. One major benefit of Outbrain is that you can promote a wide variety of content via the platform. Whether its an article, video, infographic, or even a slideshow Outbrain is the place to go.

On the other hand, Outbrain does not promote links to sales pages or your homepage.

Outbrain’s pay-per-click model starts at just $10. Which is a bargain when you think of all the potential traffic and conversions you could gain.

2. Product Hunt

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Product Hunt describes itself as a community of new product enthusiasts, makers, marketers, and investors.

When you join, you become part of this group that is ready to embrace any type of product. However, SaaS tools, apps, and ebooks are the most commonly promoted products on Product Hunt.

To join the platform you simply have to create a personal account and become a contributor. Once that’s completed you’re all set to post your products.

To attract an audience, you can write a landing page, tagline, and description on the platform. You will also need to provide a link to your product (sales pages are allowed!) and provide a few high-quality images.

Product Hunt prides itself on being a community so it is a wonderful place to increase your user engagement status. On the platform, you can start conversations with your potential customers and other creators. You can also answer any questions or queries your audience may have and engage with your readers.  


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Another wonderful content distribution tool is If you love lists as much as I do then you’re going to like this platform. provides an interactive tool that helps you to create and share lists. Your lists can be anything from a playlist, product list, or even resource list. What’s great about is that you can include articles, videos, and images in your lists.

Once you have curated the perfect list you can embed it on your website or even share it on social media to maximize its reach.

You can even collaborate with other users on the platform, which provides a great opportunity to engage your audience. Other users can contribute or suggest things to add to your list. They can also vote on what you should share in your list.

Other list makers can also repost your content to their own lists and you can even suggest it to relevant marketers. is an interactive, collaborative tool that can help you to distribute your content efficiently.

4. SimpleReach

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SimpleReach is a content data cloud that could help your business distribute content even further. It also offers useful tools that can help you to improve the impact of your content marketing campaign.

The platform allows you to collect all our content data in one place. This will give you a complete picture of every interaction that your audience has with your articles and videos from everywhere on the web, not just your own site.

According to their website, the platform uses predictive intelligence to help you to identify what content characteristics are working and which you need to weed out. It also shows you the right mix of distribution channels for your content and which will drive the most traffic.

Although this is a paid content distribution tool, you will benefit from a wide range of features on the platform. SimpleReach even offers audience targeting. This is valuable information which you can apply to your marketing campaign time and time again.

‘The Slide’ feature on SimpleReach shows the most shared and most likely to be shared content that you have created. It includes all of your archived material and also allows users to easily share your content. The platform also features highly shared content on many other authority publishers’ sites.

Another benefit of SimpleReach is that it provides a built-in analytics tool. This will give you important insights into your content’s performance in real-time. Then you can use the predictive tool to help you figure out which content will perform the best. This allows you to focus your energy on content that is more likely to be successful rather than wasting time experimenting.

5. Quuu

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Quuu is a content distribution tool that will help your business to grow your following on social media. It also can help you to promote your content to influencers.

Both influencers and content creators can sign up. On Quuu, influencers will get suggestions while your content will be included in these suggestions. It’s a great way to make sure that your content reaches your relevant audience as the platform matches your content up with influencers in your own personal niche.

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To promote your content on Quuu it will need to be reviewed. Quuu isn’t the place for salesy product promotion but authentic content that offers value to the audience is sure to get hundreds of shares.

6. Zest

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Are you in marketing? Do you want to target online marketers with your content? If so, Zest is the perfect content distribution tool for you. Zest is an extension for Google Chrome that curates content that’s relevant to marketers and places it on new tab pages.

Zest aims to promote only authentic content that is useful and innovative. It helps content marketers to choose the best information to promote to others in their industry.

Zest is made up of a community who can recommend content that they have found useful. Once a piece of content is recommended, it’s then reviewed to determine if it’s good enough to share with the rest of the community. Then, it’s sent to the moderators who make sure it measures up to quality standards. This system ensures that valuable, high-quality content gets the promotion it deserves.  

Zest also offers a “Content Boost,” option. If your content has passed quality-control then you can pay to get up to 10 times more exposure.

7. Taboola

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Taboola is a content discovery platform that could help you to generate more leads and drive more traffic to your content. This content distribution tool works by recommending content to top publishers who could go on to further promote it.

All you have to do is submit your content links. Then, Taboola uses an algorithm to match up your content with premium publisher sites. There are hundreds participating including NBC News, Business Insider, and USA Today.  

Taboola also gives more control to the content creator. The platform provides complete visibility and editorial control to your team. This means you decide when content is updated, refreshed, and promoted. It also lets your viewers filter their searches so that it makes it easier for your content to reach the right people.

Taboola also provides useful analytics. This makes it easy for you to monitor your content’s performance so you can continue to improve.

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Sometimes, even the best content needs a little help. These 7 content distribution tools will provide that extra push in the right direction so your content reaches your target audience.

Which content distribution tool will use to promote your content? 

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