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How to go Viral With These 7 Useful Tips

If you've been wondering how to go viral whether it's video, blog posts, live streams, or YouTube, consider these 7 tips to help you do just that.

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Viral content can drive huge swaths of traffic to your website, and you can use viral content to anchor your place in web space. Here’s how you can accomplish that.

As a content marketer or aspiring blogger, we know you’re constantly searching for new ways to create viral content. Why? Because it’s hard.

Creating viral content can be accomplished by hitting a few important bullet points. A catchy title and lots of interactive media are certainly key, but viral content also has mysterious variables and ultimately the most successful content has certain je ne sais quois.

While there’s no hard scientific method for ensuring content will explode and go viral, there a few tips that can start you off on the right path.

We’ve put together 7 of these tips to help you increase your chances drastically:

1. Keep Headlines Short and Captivating

One of the main elements of viral content is a good headline. Though you headlines can suffer from being “clickbaity“, they must definitely be “click-worthy“. A sure way to lose the interest of potential readers is with long and boring headlines.

Having great content isn’t enough if people don’t click on your headlines to find out the details of the content. A good headline is both short and captivating.

Further reading: How to Write Headlines That Make for Viral Content.

2. Make Content More Visual

They say a picture is worth 1000 words. Including images, memes, GIFs, infographics, and videos in your content makes it easier to consume.

The easier a piece of content is to consume, the more likely it’s going to be shared by readers. Buzzfeed does a great job at this and as a result, most of their content ends up going viral.

32 Behind-The-Scenes Looks At TV Shows, Movies, Theater, And Fandoms From 2016 | Buzzfeed

3. Make it Less About Your Company

People don’t share advertisements. If you want your content to go viral, don’t make it about you, your company or your product. Instead, create content that your audience or customers will find genuinely interesting.

However, it’s still okay to promote your brand in a very subtle way in your content. A great example is “Coke Studio Africa“, a music performance show created by Coca-Cola.

4. Don’t Restrict Access

Never restrict access to any piece of content you want to go viral.

Requiring users to register or become members before they get access to any content will only block its chances of going viral. Content has to be freely accessible by all.

Don’t block it either. Modal windows are useful, but they can be distracting and take away from what might have been more useful to the reader or visitor in the first place.

Further reading: 3 Friendly Rules for Modal Windows

5. Take Sides

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to creating content. Staying neutral won’t help you go viral. Instead, you must pick a side by creating carefully researched pieces that support a particular argument.

By taking sides, you’re able to develop a voice and spark emotions in likeminded people. They’ll love you and more likely share your content which will increase your chances of going viral.

6. Add a Bit of Humor

There’s no denying that people like to share content that is humorous. We all do. When we come across content that makes us laugh, we often tag our closest buddies or share with our network.

Dog In Teddy Bear Costume Runs Towards You | Unilad | Facebook

Adding a bit of humor to your content is always great for sparking sharing among your audience.

7. Promote the Hell Out of Your Content

Millions of content pieces, blog posts, live streams, YouTube videos, and websites are being created daily. It’s not enough that you simply great interesting content. If You Build It, They Will Come mentality won’t cut it here as your content won’t share itself. You must invest time in sharing your content after creation to give it an initial boost.

Getting your content in front of the right people is very important. It is what is required to create the network effect. The first few readers are the ones that’ll share your content with their network and so forth.

We’ve already covered 7 communities where you can promote your next content. Afterward, you can learn how to leverage these online communities to promote your next piece of content.

Have you had any viral posts in the past? What do you do to create alluring content?

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