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8 Websites to Get Free Stock Videos for Your Content

Image By maradon 333 | Shutterstock

Image By maradon 333 | Shutterstock

When you’re scrolling down your newsfeed, what catches your attention? These days, the answer for most people is videos.

Last year, spending on social video advertising grew by 130%. According to a Cisco report, by next year, an astonishing 80% of all web content will be video based.

Video content enhances user experience. It also shows search engine algorithms that your site is a high-quality one that uses multiple forms of media. Both will help your page’s ranking and traffic conversion rate.  

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As with any other form of content, videos should be high-quality and relevant. However, if you have a smaller business, you may not have a crew and cast on hand.

Don’t worry, you can still use sites with free stock videos to up your ranking in SERPs. Even just snippets of high-quality video footage can inject life into your presentations, social media content, amateur footage, or blog posts.

Although many sites that stock free videos charge hefty subscription fees, there are websites that allow you to download and use video clips for free. Be careful though — always read the terms and conditions before using video content.

Before using free stock videos, investigate the following:

  • Make sure you can use it for both personal and commercial use
  • There are no royalty fees
  • The video exists under Creative Commons license or public domain
  • Check if you need to include attribution (when in doubt, just include it).

With these eight sites for free stock videos, there’s no excuse not to use video content to your advantage.

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1. Motion Array

Motion Array Stock Video


Motion Array was kind enough to give us access to their unlimited plan so that we could write this review. We found it to be a fantastic place for both free and premium video assets. You can think of their site like  the “ThemeForest” of Video. In addition to their free stock video section, they have a marketplace for Adobe Premiere Pro, Rush, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Davinci. They have a plugin section as well.

Motion Array Free Assets

How to access free videos: Go to their site, then, in the left sidebar, select the Stock Video and Free Items options.

We thought the all-access pass was a great value at $16/month for a yearly plan based on the unlimited access model, but you can also join for free and get all their free downloads. The simple licensing model is great for beginners. You can preview all the premium assets beforehand, so you can easily figure out if it’s worth it.

2. Pixabay

Pixabay is a great place for free stock videos. This easy to use website provides videos for personal and commercial use, all for free.

All free stock videos on Pixabay are released under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) License. So there’s no need to get permission from the creator to edit or use the content. Although on Pixabay there is no attribution necessary, it is the best practice to credit the owner.

You can download all video clips in MP4 format and choose which resolution you want. Although Pixabay doesn’t offer any 4K videos, the HD stock video quality available is sure to compliment your work.

Stunning images of nature, space, and urban landscapes could be used both metaphorically or to illustrate your point.

The free stock videos come in an array of different lengths too. Overall, the site offers more than 1.2 million free videos and images so you are sure to find one to suit your needs.

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3. Splitshire

SplitShire was created by Daniel Nanescu with the aim of giving life to photographs and video content that would otherwise sit on a hard drive gathering dust. Lucky for us, the collection of free stock videos is one of the most artistic out there. If you are looking for unique content, Splitshire should be your number one call as all the content is created by one photographer.

The free content offered on Splitshire is available for commercial and personal use. You can download beautiful scenes from nature by clicking the title found below each video.

The stock of video clips can be used freely. However, you cannot sell them or use them in inappropriate content that demonstrates racism, discrimination, or violence.

On a side note, personally, I would recommend making sure that you give attribution to the owner for his artistry.

4. Videvo

Videvo provides a wonderful stock of free videos and motion graphics. All free stock videos on Videvo are created by a community of users.

Videvo works a bit differently when it comes to licensing. Here free video clips are licensed in two ways:

A) Under their own Videvo Standard License:

Under this license, you can download clips for free to use in both personal or commercial projects without a time limit. They do, however, ask that you don’t make the free clips you download available for download elsewhere. It’s not mandatory to credit the author of the clip in your project. 

B) Under the Creative Commons 3.0 license:

Under this license, you can use the downloaded clips in any project but you must credit the original author.

So when you download free stock video on Videvo, take note of the licensing information on the download page.

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5. Pexels

You may already know of Pexels from sourcing a stock of free photos. The site has also added a huge stock of free HD videos.

All stock free videos on Pexels are under the CC0 license. That means the stock of free videos can be used and edited as you please.

When you use free videos from Pexels there’s no need to ask to link back to the original source or ask for permission. However, it’s always nice to give credit where it’s due.

The videos on Pexels are carefully selected by a team of experts to make sure all free images and videos have enough resolution to use professionally. Most of the stock of free videos is in Full-HD. If it’s not, it will be HD quality at the very least.

Pexels also stock free video footage that can specifically be used in web page headers. Another great way to incorporate video footage into your content.

6. Clipstill

Clipstill offers a stock of free cinemagraphs that are ideal for marketing websites or blogs.  

Cinemagraphs are still photos containing minor repeated animations that play on a loop. These free stock videos are mesmerizing and a great way to catch your audience’s attention.

Although most of the videos on the site are paid, there are a few cinemagraphs available for free. These are high quality and change each week, so it’s well worth checking back to the website.

According to Clipstill’s website, you don’t have to provide credit when you use their videos but backlinks are appreciated.  You can use cinemagraphs in your personal projects and commercial products unless it is the main attraction, for example, a greeting card. For more information, you can check out their licensing page.

7. Stock Footage 4 Free

On Stock Footage 4 Free, you can find a stock of free video footage with new videos added daily. To gain access to this library of professional free stock videos, you just have to sign up using your email address. All videos are royalty-free so you can use any clips free of charge.

A major benefit of Stock Footage 4 Free is that clips are organized into categories. This makes finding a video to you your brand quick and easy.

Whether you’re looking for a timelapse of NYC or a birds-eye-view of the Hawaiian coastline, you’re sure to find it on this site.

8. Life of Vids

If you’re looking for free stock videos, clips, and loops then Life of Vids is the place to go.

The site is run by Leeroy, a Canadian digital agency with very high-quality content that is perfectly suitable for online marketing.

A huge bonus of Life of Vids is that there are no copyrights restrictions so all videos can be used personally and commercially.

If you create a Lov Vimeo Account, you can also download high-resolution clips. However, redistribution of a free stock video is limited to 10 videos. Check back as new free stock videos are added every week.

Stock free videos can fundamentally change the outlook, design, and appeal of your site. Use these eight sites to your advantage and get all the free stock videos you need to improve your site’s ranking and design.

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