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Google and Facebook seem to be gobbling up all the highly qualified talent. Of course such tech behemoths are able to offer competitive salaries and a name with industry gravitas, but maybe the secret is in the business culture itself.

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The idea of a ‘smart creative’ means working for a person rather than a company. This people-first focus underlies every effective policy of business management. After all, businesses, corporations, and even governments are made up of people.

Employees Don’t Leave Their Work, They Leave Their Boss

Managers find a thousand reasons for staff turnover and completely miss the real reason. The first cause that drives employees to leave is their perception of their superiors, rather than their position or the company.

Nine Steps to Retaining your Talented Employees:

1. Don’t Overwork Your High Achievers

Working is good, overworking is counterproductive. If you like to make the most of your competent employees, they might feel they are being punished for their good results.

2. Recognize a job Well-Done

Don’t underestimate the importance of a pat on the back. A little compliment, especially for the most skilled employees, often benefits the already most motivated.

3. Don’t Hire and/or Promote the Wrong Employees

The best, hard-working employees want to team up with employees of their caliber. Hiring, or worse yet, promoting incompetent people will only demotivate the best elements of your business.

4. Care About Your Employees

More than half of employees leave their jobs because of a poor relationship with their superiors. Effective managers know how to strike the right balance between professionalism and personality.

5. Develop the Skills of Your Employees

No matter how talented your staff is, they need to be cultivated. A manager should pay attention to employee struggles, listen to them and help them progress.

6. Engage Their Creativity

The best employees like to improve everything around them. Don’t limit their creativity or their desire to innovate. Otherwise, they will find what they are looking for elsewhere.

7. Stimulate Them Intellectually

By challenging and stimulating your employees, you will help them accomplish what initially seems unachievable. Consider progressive goals instead of raising the bar too high. An unreachable goal can unravel a person.

8. Honor Your Commitments

If you make promises that you can’t or don’t intend to keep, don’t be surprised to see your employees slam the door behind them!

9. Let Them Pursue Their Passions

Talented employees are passionate. Allowing them to pursue their passion improves their productivity and personal satisfaction.

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