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Advertisers Welcome Instagram’s Anti-Bullying Tool

Webster2703 / Pixabay

Webster2703 / Pixabay

Facebook wants to make its photo and video sharing platform, Instagram, a happier place. And marketers are excited about it.

Earlier in the week, Instagram announced a new tool to curb bullying on its platform. Here is how it works.

An artificial intelligence tool analyses comment on a post and flags whatever it considers too offensive. Instead of posting directly, a pop-up appears asking if you want to “undo” the offensive comment.

Aside from flagging abusive comments, Instagram is also testing a new feature called “restrict.” As the name implies, the tool allows the app users to limit interactions with specific accounts.

For example, a restricted user’s comment would only be visible to the writer, unless the owner of the account approves it for public view.

Instagram's anti-bullying tool
Image Credit: Engadget

With these new tools, Instagram hopes to limit bullying on the app. However, it also makes advertisers feel less guilty about spending millions of dollars on a hate-filled platform.

Why Instagram’s Anti-Bullying Tool Is Necessary

Early in the year, a BBC investigation discovered ads from popular brands next to graphic contents about suicide on Instagram. Expectedly, this raised concerns on how the app handles bullying and inappropriate materials.

Some of the brands that expressed worries include Marks & Spencer, Dune, The Post Office, and the British Heart Foundation. Yet, none pulled their ad spends.

Instead, they asked for reassurances. Instagram’s anti-bullying tool ensures that advertisers don’t endure any more abuse in their account or when they work with influencers.

In a statement to the press, an anonymous ad executive said:

“Many of the executives at our media agency have been concerned about bullying on the platform and whether Instagram is doing enough to safeguard the mental health of users. The recent steps taken by Instagram have been noted, but we would welcome Facebook and Instagram to continue to invest in this area.”

While Instagram may not have created tools specifically to address this issue in the past, this is not the first time it’s fighting bullying.

A 2017 post revealed that co-founders Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom deleted hateful comments by themselves when the app was first released.

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