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Alphabet Launches Cybersecurity Company to Fight Internet Threats

Andrew Kelly | Reuters

Andrew Kelly | Reuters

Alphabet just introduced its cybersecurity company that will be powered by Google’s machine learning and cloud computing.

On Wednesday, Google‘s parent company Alphabet announced the launch of a new cybersecurity company. It will help businesses track down and stop cyber attacks before they cause any harm. Known as Chronicle, it is said to be a product of Alphabet’s research and development team, “X.”

“X, the moonshot factory, has been our home for the last two years while we figured out where we had the potential to make the biggest impact on this enormous problem,” Chronicle CEO, Stephen Gillett, wrote in a post.

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Gillett believes that there’s a better way to detect and stop Internet security threats. With Chronicle’s intelligence and analytics platform, Gillett aims to speed up and boost the impact of security teams’ work tenfold.

“We believe there’s a better way. We want to 10x the speed and impact of security teams’ work by making it much easier, faster and more cost-effective for them to capture and analyze security signals that have previously been too difficult and expensive to find. We are building our intelligence and analytics platform to solve this problem.”

Chronicle: A Cybersecurity Company Powered by Machine Learning

Chronicle has two divisions: cybersecurity intelligence and the analytics platform VirusTotal.

The intelligence and analytics platform of Chronicle will be backed by the massive computing power and storage of Alphabet’s server infrastructure. This will give security teams the advantage of being able to search and retrieve useful information or to run analysis in just a few minutes.

“Thousands of potential clues about hacking activity are overlooked or thrown away each day. At large companies, it’s not uncommon for IT systems to generate tens of thousands of security alerts a day. Security teams can usually filter these down to about a few thousand they think are worth investigating — but in a day’s work, they’re lucky if they can review a few hundred of them.”

Gillett further said that the tons of affordable Google storage would also help Chronicle customers “see patterns that emerge from multiple data sources and over years.”

The other part of the company will be the malware intelligence service, VirusTotal, that was acquired by Google in 2012. According to Gillett, the service will “continue to operate as it has for the last few years.”

Adding Google’s machine learning into the picture, Gillett believes that Chronicle will be able to assist organizations in many ways. Included is the ability to see “their full security picture in much higher fidelity than they currently can.” 

The cybersecurity company also hopes to give the good guys an advantage over hackers. They’ll do this by offering their mix of technologies at affordable prices.

This new cybersecurity venture is said to be reflective of Alphabet’s ambitious plan to expand beyond its advertising core line at Google and become one of the major players in the enterprise computing industry. However, some analysts noted that the initiatives of search and networking companies to jump into the cybersecurity business have failed in the past.

“Being the heavy hitter and even having small teams spun out of that doesn’t translate to instant success,” Gartner vice president, Avivah Litan, said in a Reuters’ article.

Do you believe that Alphabet’s cybersecurity company will provide businesses with better and stronger Internet security options? 

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