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Amazon To Launch New Kindle Oasis E-Reader on July 24

Fadhli Adnan /

Fadhli Adnan /

Are you considering a new e-reader for your summer vacation? Amazon’s new kindle Oasis e-reader is what you maybe need.

With a starting price of $250 for the eight-gigabyte version, the Kindle Oasis reader may seem a bit pricey for an eBook reader. However, it does come with some neat features that make it worth the price.

Like the previous generation, the new Kindle e-reader is waterproof, has a 7-inches display, and comes with Audible built-in. There’s more.

Amazon added a color adjustable front light to the display. That means users can customize the color tone from cool to warm.

With this, the transition from daytime to nighttime reading experience is seamless. According to Amazon, users can also schedule the screen warmth feature to adjust based on the time of the day automatically.

With all that said, the new Amazon Kindle Oasis e-reader is not so different from the previous version. Aside from the adjustable color option, Amazon appears to have left everything else intact.

However, an Amazon rep said that it offers faster performance compared with the previous version.

In a statement to Cnet, the Amazon rep said:

“The new Kindle Oasis introduces the next and improved generation of e-ink, which is faster in common customer scenarios such as getting back into your favorite book from Home or Library, looking up a word, and launching Settings, among others.”

Other Features of the Kindle Oasis E-Reader

Kindle Oasis E-Reader
The all-new Amazon Kindle Oasis E-Reader | Image Credit: Amazon

The electronic reader has a thin and light ergonomic design, says Amazon. It also comes with dedicated page turner buttons, which makes it perfect for one-handed reading.

Are you worried about the battery life? Don’t be. According to the makers, users can read on the new Kindle Oasis for weeks on a single charge.

With its IPX8 rating, not only can the e-reader withstand immersion of up to 6.5 feet, but it can remain underwater for up to an hour too. That means you shouldn’t have any problem reading in your hot tub, bath, or by the pool.

If you’re looking to buy the high-end e-reader, it’s now available for pre-order. However, Amazon will start shipping it on July 24.

The current color option includes champagne gold and graphite.

Like the previous Oasis version, Amazon did not include a case in this new generation device. Considering how pricey the device is, users have to ultimately cough up between $40 to $65 for a protective cover.

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