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Andy Jassy Announces Amazon's Latest AWS Database Services

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Finally, Amazon announced the latest updates to its AWS database services at the annual re:INVENT conference in Las Vegas.

On Wednesday, during his keynote speech at the Venetian in Las Vegas, Amazon’s cloud computing division CEO Andy Jassy introduced the updated portfolio of the AWS database services. Primarily, the company’s newest offerings involve the Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Aurora database’s boosted reliability, scalability, and usability. Aside from that, Jassy also announced AWS’ brand-new service dubbed Amazon Neptune.

Experts now view the announcement as Amazon’s answer to Oracle’s Autonomous Database service that was launched last month. According to the latter, its Autonomous Database is self-driving and only costs 50 percent less than Amazon’s offerings. It’s no secret that Oracle is considered as Amazon’s biggest competitor in the world of databases.

Now let’s take a closer look at the newest and most updated database services of AWS.

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AWS Database Services: Amazon Aurora

Amazon Aurora now has the capability to scale out database reads and writes across multiple data centers for even higher performance and availability. The feature, dubbed as AWS Multi-Master feature will allow applications to transparently tolerate failure of any master, or even a service level disruption in a single AZ, with zero application downtime and sub-second failovers.

The Multi-Master feature will provide Amazon Aurora customers the opportunity to scale out the performance of their application while minimizing the downtime even with the most demanding throughput and availability requirements.

In addition to the Amazon Aurora, Jassy also announced the Amazon Aurora Serverless. Unlike the other offerings included in the AWS database services, the Amazon Aurora Serverless serves as an alternative option for applications that do not need the power and performance of Amazon Aurora all the time.

aurora serverless
How Aurora Serverless works | AWS |

Amazon Aurora Serverless allows databases to automatically start, scale, and shut down based on the workload of the application. This means that customers will no longer have to supply or manage database capacity. Amazon Aurora Serverless is currently available in preview mode.

AWS Database Services: Amazon DynamoDB

Another AWS database services’ updated product is the fully managed, seamlessly scalable NoSQL product, Amazon DynamoDB. It has been used by customers worldwide to deliver stable, single-digit millisecond latency for some of today’s most significant gaming, mobile web, ad tech, and the Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Now, Amazon provides DynamoDB with a Backup and Restore feature that will enable global users to set up either on-demand or continuous backups for all the data stored in the service. With Global Tables, Amazon DynamoDB will now support multi-master capability across multiple regions.

AWS Database Services: Amazon Neptune

The latest addition to the AWS database services is the Amazon Neptune. It is a fast, reliable, fully managed graph database service that will let AWS customers to build and run applications that require highly connected datasets easily. At the core of the Amazon Nepture is a high-performance graph database engine said to be optimized for storing billions of relationship and querying graphs with millisecond latency.

The Amazon Neptune storage has the capability to scale automatically with no downtime or performance degradation. It is designed to offer over 99.99 percent availability plus automatically detect and recover most database failures in less than 30 second.

Aside from the latest AWS database services, Amazon now also offers disruptive new VR and media services. To know more about that, read here.

Were you impressed by the upgraded AWS database services?

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