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The New App + Web Properties in Google Analytics Gets an Upgrade

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Google is upgrading the new App + Web properties in Google Analytics.

Back in July, Google announced a new property type in Google Analytics that helps site owners measure data across app and websites in one place. That way, they would have a better insight into user’s journeys across the two platforms.

Now, the search engine company is bringing a new set of features to App + Web property.

Group product manager at Google Analytics, Russel Ketchum said in a blog post:

“Recently, we’ve introduced enhancements that allow you to measure multiple websites, do even more custom analysis, and get faster insights from your data.”

Here’s what you should know about each of these features.

4 New Features in App + Web Properties

Outlined below are four new features unique to the Google Analytics property.

1. Multiple Web Streams

App + Web Properties now support as much as 50 data streams across your apps, websites, and web apps.

That means site owners can now track metrics aggregated across all data streams. They could also apply filters to compare them individually.

2. More Custom Analysis Option

When the Google Analytics property first launched, it only had five options for cross-platform analysis. Now Google has added two more options; the Cohort Analysis and User Lifetime.

The cohort analysis allows site owners to compare engagement between groups of similar users. However, it offers more metrics and dimension breakdown.

The User Lifetime, on the other hand, provides an insight into the lifetime activity of a group of users based on the chosen custom dimension. For example, publishers can track the number of lifetime in-app purchases of a specific user from a holiday promotion.

3. Automated & Custom Insights

Automated and custom insights were only available for web properties. Now, Google has extended the feature to App + Web Properties.

Automated Insights use machine learning to single out key trends and anomalies in users’ data. For example, it could notify a publisher of an unusual spike in sales.

Conversely, custom insight allows you to tell Analytics what metrics you want to be alerted about. In this case, you could ask Analytics to inform you if a product sales increase by more than 10 percent a week.

4. Quick Access to Information

Web properties users have always had easy access to information, thanks to the search bar in Analytics. Now, Google has extended a similar feature to App + Web Properties.

That means users can ask a question using keywords, and they’ll get an answer in the search dropdown. Google says that specificity about the metric, dimension, and time frame is essential to get the best result.

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