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Apple Files Patent For Watch Band with Built-In Camera

charlie0111 / Pixabay

charlie0111 / Pixabay

Apple recently filed a patent for a new Apple Watch band which comes with an in-built camera. However, unlike other third-party bands with built-in cameras, this unique design allows the wearer to adjust the camera in any direction without moving the wrist.

How is this possible you, ask?

Previous bands have built their camera as part of the band that hugs the wrist. But, Apple decided to do something different. It placed a camera on a loose end that sticks out.

With this location, a photographer can conveniently bend, twist, or extend the camera to capture the perfect shot. But there’s something else.

Since Apple is placing the camera on a loose end, the tech giant can place a camera sensor on each side of the band. That way, users can capture 360-degrees photos or videos.

According to the patent, users will be able to capture photos using various methods. These include pressing an on-screen button, pinching the band, pressing a button on the band, as well as voice control.

A Watch Band With Built-in Camera Equals Less Dependence on the iPhone

Apple believes that a watch band with an in-built camera would make people less dependent on their iPhones. Instead, they would capture their favorite moments using the Apple Watch.

Apple wrote in the patent:

“A smartwatch that has the capability of capturing images and video may provide an opportunity for users to be more reliant on their smartwatch and less reliant on other devices (e.g., smartphones, tablets, digital cameras) to capture images or videos.”

With the Apple Watch’s potential image capturing capability, users would soon forego their smartphones during some activities. This is especially true for events such as surfing, running, hiking, snowboarding, etc., where it could be difficult to take a smartphone.

Apple’s recent moves suggest that it wants the wearable device to depend less on the iPhone. First, the tech giant offered an LTE version of the watch, then more recently, it introduced an independent App Store with WatchOS 6.

With that said, this is still just a patent filing – a sneak peek at what Apple dreamed up. As such, there’s no guarantee that it’ll make it to the market anytime soon.

View the patent images here.

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