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A Fanboy's Nightmare: Apple Shocks Fans With New Flip iPhone Design

This new flip iPhone design could either be a major smokescreen or one of the strangest pivots in Apple's history. ¦ Elizaveta Galitckaia /

This new flip iPhone design could either be a major smokescreen or one of the strangest pivots in Apple's history. ¦ Elizaveta Galitckaia /

Over the years, tech enthusiasts have referred to Apple fans using different names. Whether you call them Fanboys or Sheepies, all the names point to one thing – an unwavering loyalty.

In the face of adversities such as antenna-gate, bend-gate, charge-gate and beauty-gate, this group persevered with the company. And their loyalty has only risen with the increasing price of iPhones.

Indeed, Apple seems to have the most dedicated fanbase of all tech companies.

With that said, their loyalty is about to undergo its biggest test yet, and it comes in the form of a flip iPhone design.

A Flip iPhone Design; Where Innovation Goes to Die

Image Credit: Patently Apple

Early last week, a specialist site – Patently Apple – published a post detailing Apple’s newly filed trademarks with the US Patent & Trademarks. As you may have guessed, the patent was for an iPhone. But, the one thing no one could have anticipated was its clamshell design.

In other words, the company that rendered flip phones obsolete seems to want to bring it back again.

Now, you’re wondering; is this even real?

Yes, it is. According to the post, the listed inventors include Apple’s Product Design Engineer, Kevin Robinson, and Senior Product Design Engineer, Houtan Farahani.

Another possibility pops-up. Maybe Apple intends to create a low budget iPhone for emerging markets. Unfortunately, that may not be the case.

Looking Beyond the Clamshell Design

A closer look at what Apple filed would reveal that it isn’t just a design patent. Instead, the patent revealed that Apple is experimenting with flexible, lightweight materials.

For example, bonding titanium and magnesium layers with polyethylene terephthalate, and polyisocyanurate foams. The tech giant may have hidden its intentions behind the simple flip iPhone illustration.

But, why a flip phone?

The current cutting-edge tech similar to flip phone design is folding displays. While the company has not publicly expressed interest in the tech, a recently filed self-heating flexible glass patent tells the whole story.

Unlike its rivals, Apple has once again refused to put plastic displays on its phone.

The flip iPhone patent could be Apple innovating all over again. Perhaps the company is about to give us a new device that’ll not only reinvigorate the iPhone range, but also blow our minds like it did in 2007.

Then again, this whole post could be the necessary optimism of another Apple fanboy. In the end, the patent could be what it appears to be; a simple flip iPhone design.

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    JAMES EDE April 12 at 12:32 pm GMT

    I don’t believe the “fanboys” will be happy with a flip phone.
    There has got to be something else to this design.
    Well, I’ll be patiently waiting to see it.

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