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Edgy's Apple WWDC 2017 Day 2 Ultimate Recap: iMac Pro, Cocoa, and Software Updates

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Following the flurry of new announcements that took place on day one of Apple’s WWDC – Edgy Labs brings you up to date with the shift you may be missing.

Be sure to check out our Ultimate Day 1 recap.

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Apple WWDC 2017 Day 2

Apple Site Approach

On day two of WWDC, Apple took the time to drive their overall message home with a quiet new site design. A charmingly scripted Video of the conference is now available to Windows and Android users.

On day one, the live stream could only be accessed if you owned an Apple-operated device or were capable of using Safari.

In addition to video coverage, Apple created feature panels for new their new content to showcase what Apple considers to be their crowning developments for 2017.

Heavy Hitting Hardware – iMac Pro 

As researchers, business analysts and tech geeks alike pour over Apple’s new specs for the iMac Pro – there’s still a bit of controversy over who’s offering the “world’s highest resolution screen”.

MacWord reports that Apple is calling their new screen a “Retina 5K display,” and says it’s iMac Pro boasts the highest resolution in existence (at 5120-by-2880 pixels).

Dell argues that their new PCs will rival the iMac Pro, but their units “won’t actually ship until the fourth quarter,” says PC World.

For now, it appears Apple will have a brief market advantage – but industry competition is sure to increase again by the holiday season.

Apple Software Expansion

In case you missed it: yesterday, Apple released much more than new hardware.

Play Store improvements, a new Mac OS (High Sierra), a new phone iOS (iOS11), and a new (more Fitbit-esque) OS for Watches will be released in the fall.

apple wwdc 2017 day 2
Apple MacOS High Sierra |

Previews of these programs are available for Apple customers now, however. No word on if these previews consist of complete or beta editions.

Have you tried out any of these previews? What Apple launch are you most excited for?

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