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Apple WWDC: Live Feed and Edgy's Ultimate Recap of Day 1

Timothy Cook | Apple CEO | Jstone |

Timothy Cook | Apple CEO | Jstone |

What did Apple announce for 2017? Edgy Labs Covers the Biggest Highlights from the Apple WWDC 2017 Keynote Conference. Stay tuned for updates as the conference unfolds.

Tech industry giant Apple is holding their annual conference (following Google’s Marketing Next campaign conference) to outline their competitive approach to the 2017 market.

Watch the Apple WWDC Keynote Live Stream here:

Apple to compete with Amazon and Microsoft’s Virtual Assistants: HomePod to integrate with existing voice control features

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The bitter rivalry between these three tech giants (Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon) deepens as Apple doubles down on their efforts to overtake the smart home market:

  • Ships to U.S., U.K., AU customers in time for Christmas sales (December push for market uptick)
  • Sonos Home Entertainment speakers emerge as new rival in addition to Google Home and Amazon Echo
  • Improved location support and event tracking in iOS : Flight tracking to compete with Google Assistant

Apple stops competing for voice and starts supporting content creators: iMac Pro, iPad, iPhone to support podcasters, game designers, and app developers.

Recently, Apple let go of their exclusive algorithm research that powers the Siri AI in favor of exploring other emerging markets (read: content creators and pioneers of the fourth industrial revolution):

  • Updated desktop graphics for VR game creation
  • ARKit to allow iPhone users to create augmented reality apps without external hardware
  • iPad Pro has new 10.5” design: high-end display is now 20% larger
  • Revamped podcasting app

iOS 11 features a new Siri design: Fulfills what third-party apps have been delivering in a single, trusted, interface

  • Multitasking features (simultaneous window display with 3D touch)
  • Improved speech recognition and translation features
  • Automatic safe driving mode
  • Payments and messaging akin to FB messenger
  • Keyboard interface for Siri functions
  • QR code support
  • Single – handed mode
  • Screenshot, record, and markup features
  • 3D touch integrations

WatchOS to compete with existing Fitbit technologies

  • Challenges, Coaching, New UI to replicate “circle” style interface of past Apple devices and fitness-centric prompts replicate Fitbit feel while keeping Siri technologies for music and messaging control.
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