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Apple's $1,000 Pro Monitor Stand Sparks Online Uproar

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The internet is crazy about Apple’s pro monitor stand, but not in a good way.

Earlier this week, at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference in San Jose, Apple unveiled a range of new products. Alongside the software updates, the company showed off its new Mac Pro as well as a 32 inches display monitor – the Pro Display XDR.

As expected of an Apple product, the new hardware came with the hefty price tag.

The Mac Pro desktop starts at $6,000. According to the Verge, it could go all the way to $35,000. For the display monitor, Apple placed a starting price tag of $5,000 on it.

Now here is the crazy part.

The Pro Display XDR comes with an optional stand, which Apple is selling for a whopping $1,000. That’s right; it costs as much as the flagship iPhone.

Gizmodo’s Sam Rutherford wrote:

After Apple’s keynote was over, it seemed like Apple’s expensive monitor stand was the only thing people wanted to talk about. In fact, the price for Apple’s Pro Stand is so high, the crowd at WWDC 2019 let out an audible gasp when its pricing was announced.

What’s so special about Apple’s monitor stand, you wonder?

A Pro Monitor Stand For The Ultimate Monitor… Still, Just a Stand

According to the Apple website, the Pro Stand’s “intricately engineered arm” is designed to counterbalance the Pro Display XDR’s weight. So, it’ll feel weightless, and users can easily adjust the position as they see fit.

Sounds like what any salesman would say, right?

Admittedly, the pro monitor stand looks very attractive. It sports a metal aesthetic and attaches to your Pro Display XDR magnetically. Also, it supports tilting to most angles, even rotation from landscape to portrait.

Despite all these perks, it’s still just a stand: one that’s more expensive than most phones and some computers.

Since it’s optional, Mac Pro users could lean their $5,000 monitor on the computer itself and hope it doesn’t slide off. You could also purchase another stand, and pair with Apple’s $199 Vesa adapter.

Apple has a reputation for hiking product prices. While it may have hampered sales of some products in the past, the company has mostly benefited from this strategy.

But, the new pro monitor stand would make even the most devoted Apple faithful think twice before opening the purse.

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