Researchers can now Shrink 3D Objects to Nanoscale

According to Stefano Mancuso and his book Plant Revolution plants are modular and decentralized organisms. So perhaps plantae might be the simplest area to develop cyborgs and hybrids with organic and inorganic components.

Earth is About to be Hit by a Dark Matter Hurricane

If dark matter is a superfluid it would drain from a shallower gravity well to a deeper gravity well once it got close enough. When not concentrated in a gravity well dark matter may lose its superfluid status and due to its repulsive nature become dark energy.

Researchers Discover new Ultracompact Galaxies

If black holes convert normal matter to dark matter then there would have been a lot more regular matter in the early universe. The galactic gravity wells would not yet be overflowing so the dark matter would be concentrated in a super fluid state closer to the galactic centres.

No More Fake Teeth: Dentists Regrow Teeth in Labs

The market is there but the foresight isn't. It's the same why the big corporations like L'Oreal haven't been all over hair cloning etc. They have the resources, they can afford the best people & have more than enough money to see it through. However to them, it's not a viable concept. They would be willing to funding the R&D, clinical trials. Deal with the years & years of red tape & bureaucracy. But then the actual product would not reach the numbers they'd be looking for. It has to be done one on one over multiple visits & there are only so many patients that could be done each day per clinic. The big companies take is that essentially, the juice isn't worth the squeeze. Even a dozen technicians per clinic would be lucky to reach 100 patients per day. It's too small scale an endeavor for them to be bothering with. That leaves the small-startup who doesn't have the capital to see it through from beginning to end. They won't get enough investors until they've seen the product in action. Problem being that they can't get a product ready without that investment to fund their research. The funny thing is that all the necessary ingredients have already been achieved by different teams around the world. All it would take now is to combine them together & the recipe couple be finished v quickly into a viable product.

No More Fake Teeth: Dentists Regrow Teeth in Labs

Put it this way, come say 2025, they'll still be saying that the breakthrough is only 10+ years away. These researchers work via grants. They get money to do A. Grant runs out, they get another one to do B. Staff/Assistants get more qualified & move on to other jobs. It's a constant one step forward, two steps back process. It really has to be done via private enterprise. The best thing about this is that the main components (4) have already been achieved in different labs. All that is required is putting them together & it becomes an instant reality. Small problem being that you are still talking about a talking about millions to buy up the research, assemble a team to put it together & then cover the costs of the clinical trial. If expedited, it could be ready for as an actual product in as little as 2/3 years. Weeks/months to negotiate for the research & assemble the staff. 6-12 months to put all the methods together in a single process. A year for the clinical trials. Then a move off-shore to open up a clinic. Try & do this in the US/UK etc & you will be jumping through red tape for at least a decade even after you've completed the trial stage successfully. To bring this about would literally be a life changing event for the recipients. Someone close to me was assaulted by her so-called best friend & was repeatedly kicked in the face & lost most of her teeth as a result. I have saw the physical & mental issues it's caused her first hand. From being able to chew solid food, to helping the mental state. Even something as simple as giving people back their see them smile & interact with people as equals again & not feel self conscious everytime they open their mouth. Keep your fingers crossed for me as if I win the lottery soon, I absolutely guarantee I'll be all over this.

New Machine Learning Algorithm Reduces Emergency Admissions Rates

A field of Artificial intelligence that uses statistical techniques to enable computer systems to 'learn' from data -- can be used to analyse electronic health records and predict the risk of emergency hospital admissions, a new study from The George Institute for Global Health at the University of Oxford has found. The study, of 4.6 million patients from 1985 to 2015, was conducted using linked electronic health records from the UK's Clinical Practice Research Datalink. Whether machine learning models can lead to similarly strong improvements in risk prediction in other areas of medicine requires further research.

7 Effective Ways to Improve Your Website's Online Presence

Make sure the website is well-designed. 1)It should have great visuals. Keep it free from any error. There should be no grammar or spelling mistakes. Your website serves as your face in the digital world. 2)t should be “mobile-friendly”. Make sure your website can be viewed easily and seamlessly on mobile devices. 3)It should have valuable, fresh and evergreen content. Also consider giving your audience multiple forms of content such as podcast, infographics, blogs, videos, webinar, etc.

Get Ready for 5G Anywhere in the World: SpaceX Begins StarLink Internet Project

I completely do NOT SUPPORT NOR CONSENT to 5G or ANY internet or other types of satellites emitting emf period. 5g and wireless has shown to be totally harmful to human health. All the emfs are totally harmful to human health. I and the rest of the people have not voted nor condoned 5g satellites nor smart meters and this in violation of our basic human rights to live in a healthy and peaceful environment.

Get Ready for 5G Anywhere in the World: SpaceX Begins StarLink Internet Project

It avoids the reality that microwave radiation is toxic to human cells and will induce cancer. If optic cable was used to link each house then it would not add to the already large burden caused by W-Fi and cell towers. Otherwise wireless 5G transceivers sprinkled throughout neighborhoods are a looming extreme health hazard.

Graphene Batteries: The Future of Energy Storage

They have them in phones already.. The problem is - This is OK for phones and gadgets but the coupling efficiency is terrible. It's massively expensive vs Lith-Ion. It would be better to improve the efficiency of solar cells and have them on the car to recharge the car passively at all times whether you're parked or travelling. At 20% efficient they are not yet practical for this application. Expanding solar is a better focus than developing graphene.

How to Measure Your FOMO levels

How often have people experienced fear of missing out moments and especially opportunities while buying promising new things online? Instead of investing to new companies separately why can’t they buy micro-shares simultaneously with the product?

Immersion Neuroscience Study Shows That AI can Predict hit TV Shows

How is this already used in music, which may be even simpler than shows? Even if AI were not yet creative enough to compose complete songs, it might test various elements with social media users. The most addictive findings would first be compared with existing music to avoid plagiarism and finally professionals would compose new songs.

Three Things we Know and Don't Know About Dark Matter

Indeed dark matter seems to have an inertia problem. I should have at least reduced inertia related to normal galaxy matter. see. below

New International Study Sheds Light on Nature of Dark Matter

According to Quantum FFF Theory, Dark Matter is the same as Black hole nuclei made out of compressed ( non spinning) string particles. As a consequence, black holes have NO inertia but still singular dark energy Casimir gravity.

Sorry, Mars Fans--NASA Can't Afford the Trip

An interesting discussion is definitely worth comment. I do think that you should publish more about this issue, it might not be a taboo subject but generally people don't discuss these topics. To the next! Many thanks!!

Top SEO For DuckDuckGo -- Hyperlocalization Tips

And how do you know duck doesn't track you? You really don't since they refuse to open source their code. They are just as opaque as Google is. For true privacy you need something open source where you can see the code and if that isn't enough you can run your own instance. Jive Search is essentially an open source version of ddg but Yacy is also good.

MIT's Reality Augmented Game Will let you Control Another Person

How are governments and big companies prepared for this kind of games? A MIT professor Max Tegmark begins his book 'Life 3.0 – Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence' with a fiction about Team Omega and its’ AI Prometheus to run overpowering business worldwide. If that were possible one day, how other participants should response? Somehow they should be able to hide from control their own presence, actions to spy the forerunner and aims to build an equal one.

It's Time to Stop Trusting the Verge on Their Google Articles

This opinion article is sure to spark strong opinions. Please share them freely in the comment section. A very long and tedious article. "current AI is too dumb to discern truth from lie" It's just like humans then! Was the article written by a human?

A Complete Guide to Mobile SEO in 2018

Nice article, 68% of companies have already included mobile marketing into their overall marketing strategy. Whereas, 71% of marketers believe mobile marketing is important to their business. If you don’t, you’re ignoring most of your potential buyers. The stats show that mobile has become increasingly important in generating leads and making sales.

Experimental Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes Shows Promising Results

Good treatment. In July of 2017. it was discovered that I got type 2 diabetes, By the end of the July month. I was given a prescription for the Metformin, I stated with the some diet and followed it completely for several weeks but was unable to get my blood sugar below 140, Without results to how for my hard work. I really panicked and called my doctor. His response?? Deal with it yourself, I started to feel that something wasn’t right and do my own research, Then I found Ella’s diabetes story (google " How Ella freed diabetes " ) .. I read it from cover to cover and I started with the diet and by the next week. my blood sugar was 100, Since then. I get a fasting reading between the mid 70s and 80s, My doctor was very surprised at the results that. the next week. he took me off the Metformin drug, I lost 16 pounds in my first month and lost more than 3+ inches off my waist and I’m able to work out twice a day while still having lots of energy. The truth is that we can get off the drugs and help myself by trying natural methods.

Why Did Google Plus Fail? A Google+ Autopsy

Oh yes, it was beautiful while it lasted. When I first visited g+, I felt like I'm thrown in the center of Rio de Janeiro, full of life, and people who want to communicate. Beautiful. In fact, I carefully checked their data, they had good chance to surpass facebook, they have grown until 2015, in time facebook lost popularity - until 2015. If they continued integrating g+ (and improving that integration, make it more smooth) in more popular products, particularly youtube, and with some money thrown in marketing, it would work. But all that didn't worked as easy and as fast as they hoped to. After original project leader left, they gave up (probably that's why he left), reduced integration, dismantled elements, reduced tools for photos processing (isn't it clear evidence they gave up), reduced number of notification, even made impossible to make many "pluses." Google wanted to get rid g+ users, so when it fails, it cause lesser backlash. Since 2015, interest for g+ dropped 50% every year, according to Google trends.

Why Open Source Healthcare is Vital for Innovation

Good healthcare. I was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes and put on Metformin on June 26th, 2017. I started the some diet and followed it 100% for a few weeks and could not get my blood sugar to go below 140. Finally i began to panic and called my doctor, he told me to get used to it. He said I would be on metformin my whole life and eventually insulin. At that point i knew something wasn't right and began to do a lot of research. Then I found Ella’s diabetes story (google " How Ella freed diabetes " ) I read that article from end to end because everything the writer was saying made absolute sense. I started the diet that day and the next week my blood sugar was down to 100 and now i have a fasting blood sugar between Mid 70's and the 80's. My doctor took me off the metformin after just three week of being on this lifestyle change. I have lost over 16 pounds and 3+ inches around my waist in a month. The truth is we can get off the drugs and help myself by trying natural methods

7 SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

The above 7 tips are very important for SEO, We should avoid all mistake in SEO then we get a good result. Thanks a lot for sharing a nice article with us.

Station Houston and Mayor Turner Want Houston Innovation

It's a very exciting time for the drone industry! There is so much room for innovation and creativity in this space. Drone Studios is great company located on the west coast worth taking a look at:

Meet the First Transgender Woman to Breastfeed a Baby

MIchael ... I'm talking about the tests I had done ON MY OWN MILK!!! But sure .. go ahead and dismiss an actual experience from an actual transwoman who actually pumped her own breast milk and who actually had comparative tests done. #Mansplaining and #CISplaining is JUST what I was looking for today.

New Hubble Constant Measurement may Reveal new Physics

From Astrogeometry here is the equation to calculate Hubble’s Constant, by inputting to an equation, the numerical value of Pi and the speed of light (C) from Maxwell’s equations, and the value of a parsec. NO space probe measurements (with their inevitable small measuring / interpretation errors) are now required. Hubble’s Constant is ‘fixed’ at 70.98047 PRECISELY. This maths method removes the errors / tolerances that is always a part of attempting to measuring something as ‘elusive’ as Hubble’s Constant. This has very deep implications for theoretical cosmology due to the fact its reciprocal is 13.778 BLY's, and is the Hubble Horizon Distance, NOT the age of the universe, as it does not increase with time. The equation to perform this is 2 X a meg parsec X light speed (C). This total is then divided by Pi to the power of 21. This gives 70.98047 kilometres per sec per meg parsec. The equation to perform this can also be found in ‘The Principle of Astrogeometry’ on Amazon Kindle Books. This also explains how the Hubble 70.98047 ‘fixing’ equation was found. David.

Possible Site of Atlantis Found Using Satellite Imagery

The work of Jean Seimple contains an exposition on the location of Atlantis based on data he obtained from The Great Pyramid of Khufu. I found it very convincing. Take a look for yourself. Here's the link:

Possible Site of Atlantis Found Using Satellite Imagery

"In their wailing they shall take up a lamentation for thee, and lament over thee, saying, What city is like Tyrus, like the destroyed in the midst of the sea? When thy wares went forth out of the seas, thou filledst many people; thou didst enrich the kings of the earth with the multitude of thy riches and of thy merchandise." Ezekiel 27:32-33 KJV Mediterranean = "Middle Tyre" (Tyrus) Tyra; ancient Scandinavian (Sea People) name. From (Th)orvi Th from Thurisaz Rune. Tyre, from Hebrew Tsor; a rock Where did the copper for the "Bronze Age" come from? The only sources of tin were (what is now) Germany, Cornwall and the west side of the Iberian Peninsula.

Recent IQ Scores Show That Humans are Getting Dumber

Sorry Bonnie you failed with your answer. The most correct answer is: It is the product of our educational system which has been working to dumb us down. I may be wrong about this BUT I DON'T THINK SO! Daniel

How Automation Will Double the Number of Jobs it Destroys

According to Geoffrey West and his book Scale, The Universal Laws of Life and Death in Organisms, Cities and Companies, economies grow super exponentially, regress and finally collapse. To prevent this new innovations have to take place ever more often and faster. So finally in a full employment people will pray that automation would take care of this accelerating rat race or that other theories as economies in balance without growth etc. make sense.

Possible Site of Atlantis Found Using Satellite Imagery

No doubt the "Eye of the Sahara"is an excellent candidate for the lost city of Atlantis. This information is pretty exciting. Hopefully more information as well as scientific proof in the near future will send the conventional closed schools of thought and "knowledge" packing and sent home. Its more than time to open our horizons and to clear the amnesia as Graham Hancock says.

Possible Site of Atlantis Found Using Satellite Imagery

The wikipedia entry says: "it was later sunk by an earthquake and became an impassable mud shoal, inhibiting travel to any part of the ocean." The earthquake blocked the river that led to the sea, causing the area, and the plains to the south, to flood. After that the city was cut off from the rest of the world, and it's fertile plains were under water. If there really was as many people as Plato says (millions), there would have been an utter chaos as a famine struck.

The Earth is now Entering "The Plastic Age"

if we humans shall have a chance to leave our planet healthy to the next generation( those born from now) we have to stop producing plastic! We do not NEED it- and 90% of all plastic produced is used once. Imaging the CO2 footprint from the oil production used to produce plastic now. 18% of all oil produced now is going to the plastic industry! Stopping the plastic production will give us a tremendeous reduction in Co2 gases. And- the fact that plastic now has entered our foodchain and drinking water, should really be an eyeopener to all of us! And it kills millions of the planets creatures, birds, fish, mammals and even the microscopic small ones. I challenge the #worldleaders #banallonetimeuseplasticnow globally

Possible Site of Atlantis Found Using Satellite Imagery

"And remember, the first written language is shown to be around 2500-3000BC in Mesopotamia." Wise to remember the limitations of our knowledge. The first monolitho stone carvings were thought to be no more than 6000 years old, but then Gobleki Teppe was discovered, which moved the date back another 5000 years. To repeat the hackneyed phrase: "absence of evidence is not evidence of absence".

Possible Site of Atlantis Found Using Satellite Imagery

The legend goes that Solon, Plato's ancestor had gone to Egypt in the bid for knowledge, where he was told of the tale of Atlantis by priests at a temple who translated the hieroglyphs on the walls. That temple could have retained that information for many millennia, and copied from an older source from another location, and with Solon taking the knowledge back with him and transcribing it in notes that are handed down. So there is a theoretical link to each stage of the story telling that is not left to hearsay. But I do understand what you are saying, and the flood myth is a good example of it. There are so many Flood stories that are spread all over the world through many different ages, that over time, the story has evolved and been shaped by the culture who tells it. Christianity has Noah, as did the Sumerians as the more prominent sources, but they all point to a singular catastrophe that happened in our pre-history that shaped how we developed. This is the event that is being linked in with the Younger Dryas event in North America 13000 years ago (dating may be a bit off, but there were 2 events where ice sheets covering the continent suddenly melted, creating massive scrub lands that are now being used as proof of this event. Written language is being dated further and further back in to times when scholars claim we were hunter gatherers and weren't at the point where information retention was a priority. Look at Gobleki Tepe, it is dated to have been covered over around 11000 years ago and is currently one of the oldest examples that we currently accept of megalithic structures, which has engravings all over it's pillars that have been excavated so far. This also points to an event around the same time as the Younger Dryas which also is around the time of when Atlantis was told to have been obliterated. Even if the Eye of the Sahara is not Atlantis, I do honestly feel that we are missing parts of our own history and that as Graham Hancock rightly says, we are a species with amnesia when it comes to where we come from.

Possible Site of Atlantis Found Using Satellite Imagery

Let's see, Plato lived from about 427-347BC, and this site 'supposedly' went under before 9600BC. That's well over 450 generations for this thing to be handed down via word of mouth. And it is still supposed to be accurate after 450+ generation? And remember, the first written language is shown to be around 2500-3000BC in Mesopotamia. Lets every one of us gather round in a circle of chairs, and start a new game of "Gossip", and see just how accurate things at the end relate to things at the beginning. I think I will stick with the "Thera" event, since it would be fresher in everyone's minds back then.

Breakthrough: Nanotechnology Regenerates Cells of any Kind

Such a great article! Nanotechnology is differently ‘breakthrough’ technology We wrote something similar. It may be interesting for you. Take a look at A Comprehensive Guide: The Future of Nanotechnology.

Is Your Organic Traffic Dropping? Here's How to Find Out Why

Despite exhaustive searching, I still have not found a site that answers this basic question: What would cause a continued GRADUAL decline (week by week) for five weeks AFTER a major Google algo update has finished rolling out? I lost 45 percent traffic in one afternoon, thanks to the August 1, 218 update. Yet my traffic continues to drop by a thousand each week. I don't believe this is a competitor (several of my competitors were actually hit hard by the update. and the others were already out-ranking me anyways).

200 Scientists and Artists Call for Action Against Climate Change

big corporation does not think that on this planet is going to be hard to live, it's like they are ruled by robots...they will face also and there is no place to hide or live. Why we still have at motorshows combustion engines? The electric technology is here from some why is this trend so slow? They want to control the people thought this dependence to oil...

No More Fake Teeth: Dentists Regrow Teeth in Labs

How long has it been already since this topic has started? I know - it is a complicated procedure. *sigh* But sometimes I - and probably many others along with me - wish to see the day it finally can be applied to humans...

Latest Updates on SpaceX's Ambitious Dream to Build a Mars City

I don`t see why not. There will an order to what is done first to make sure people are as secure as possible. For example people may want to find a source of water as soon as have a reliable means to get that water back to the landing site. There will have to be a reliable means to extract oxygen from carbon dioxide but a real flush toilet might be something most people will want almost immediately.

Why Magic Leap is Set to Fail

You really have never raised or invested in startups have you? Herd behavior, believing hype because they want to believe, too much money chasing too few options -- billion dollar fund is hard to vet and monitor 300 startups ... no, pragmatically they only want 2-3, some super money generating companies, a half billion is chump change -- the sometimes invest in stuff that they believe is stupid but if it works, it could disrupt their business, so they invest as insurance. Why do so many believe the million lies of Trump? They want to. Do you seriously think companies and funds with billions of dollars are any different?

No More Fake Teeth: Dentists Regrow Teeth in Labs

Unfortunately, you have no idea how close you are to the truth. They've been at it for decades. Each year, they're promising it soon. Check back in down the line & you find said 'researcher/s' have moved onto something else. Prof Sharp from the UK said he could do it. Started up a company named Odontis over a decade ago with promises to start human trials before the end of said decade. Got funding & company went defunct shortly after. He's now s(rewing around with dental pulp etc. Prof Tsuji from Japan grew a tooth in a mouse or rat years ago. Rather than try & use that to take the idea further & get around the whole kidney implantation thing, his team moved onto growing hair on rodents instead. In this article, Mao's work is not too far off being a decade old. Yet constantly gets rehashed every few months by a website. There are plenty of others who have made similar promises throughout the years. A decade from now, not a d am n thing will have changed on this front & they'll still be promising that it's coming v soon.

Why Urban Farms are the Future of Food Production

The AquaGen Infrastructure Systems​ Inc. technology is designed to include urban farming as a key element to their holistic solution for community resiliency and sustainability. Our world can no longer afford the wasteful unsustainable technology in isolation of the past and bigger is not necessarily better. Urban farming is a key element in the sustainable infrastructure network of the local circular economy. These are very exciting times! We are an algae biotech company and there are viable alternatives to natural sunlight via artificial lighting.

New Study Reshapes View on Theory of Emergent Gravity

"microscopic quantum bits of space-time, called “holographic screens”, collectively give rise to the macroscopic gravitational effect." This is incorrect. The role of the holographic screen is to serve as an arbitrary boundary between the part of space that has emerged and the part of spacetime that will emerge, after a coarse-graining is performed. Imagine one begins with a region of space containing some matter. Suppose that I then delete this region; how much information would I lose? Also, if I had access to this information, could I somehow reconstruct the spacetime? The answer appears to be yes, and to do this one can assume that the holographic principle is true and that the information one needs should be associated to the boundary, or edge, of the deleted part of space. This arbitrary threshold is known as a holographic screen. It is completely arbitrary in the sense that the physics that emerges should ultimately be the same regardless of the shape/size of holographic screen. The laws of gravity are conjectured to emerge from some underlying, microscopic theory that is expressed in terms of variables/degrees of freedom that we don't yet know about, but whose collective (thermodynamic) behaviour can be described, and it is this description that is shown, in Verlinde's model, to lead to the emergence of the known laws of gravity. It would be more precise to say that spacetime is seen to emerge *through* a holographic screen, but this is entirely different to the "quantum bits" that are supposed to build spacetime. In relation to the paper at hand, their result seems clear, but it is not clear whether this result kills emergent gravity. It seems that the authors assume that the only possibility for the thermodynamic paradigm is to have an area-law for the entropy of a holographic screen. This therefore doesn't preclude the existence of a volume-law, which is suggested in Verlinde's recent dark matter proposal, and whose role is elaborated upon, in the context of holographic screens, in my recent paper

7 Effective Ways to Improve Your Website's Online Presence

This is an awesome post and i couldn't agree more emails are the new gold online, and Email marketing is now mainstream. I have tried and failed to build my email list in the past through my blog and youtube channel but i have rarely gotten any results. Then i came across yoonla a company that helps you grow your email list and make money online at the same time. They run a CPA program where your get paid $4 for every lead/email you refer plus $50 when they upgrade, but the best part is that when you sign up, you will get your own custom website, landing and email responder where all the email are stored for you to use when ever you which. I have come across a better offer in 2018 that helps you not online to make money but also to build an online business. Sign up now for free

Top 10 Tools to Improve Your Content Creation Process

Hi Krishna, Thanks for all the information about social animal. It sounds like a great tool for content creation. I'll definitely look into trying it out and consider including it in my next content marketing article.

A Simple Guide to Fast Indexing on Google

No problem Muhammad! I'm glad you liked it. If you enjoyed this article, you might find this one useful too:

Why Urban Farms are the Future of Food Production

Hi Steve, Thanks so much for your interesting comment. You make some great points. I just want to point out that by saying "Now, food can be grown locally in places where it was previously impossible, without soil or light", I was referring to natural light. I'll make sure to update the article so this is clearer. Thank you for pointing it out. It's true that the plants still require light but LED lights or similar can be used instead, which don't use too much energy. Urban farming also cut out transportation costs and energy consumption which is a huge bonus. Hopefully in the future new methods can be developed and energy costs can be broken down even further.

The Danger of Bias in an Al Tech Based Society

Hi Mike, I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Thanks so much for your interesting comment. I think what we need to look for from non-biased AI is enhanced equality and fairness, not necessarily truth. AI systems that are used within society should be eliminating discrimination rather than supporting it. However, I definitely agree that some ugly truths will need to be revealed in order to fix the situation and achieve this.

Why Urban Farms are the Future of Food Production

"Now, food can be grown locally in places where it was previously impossible, without soil or light" soil isn't needed, true, but light? I'm quite certain plants require light. Vertical farming won't be solving world hunger now or in the near future. At the moment, the only things that grow well in vertical farms are plants with low energy requirements, like lettuce. Lettuce isn't really food - you can't live on lettuce. It's something to put the tasty salad dressing on. Food is wheat and rice and corn and soybeans and potatoes - crops that meet human nutritional requirements. For sure you can grow these in controlled environments - it's been done successfully by American, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Canadian, and European space agencies over the last 30 years - but the energy cost is huge!

There is Life After Death According to Quantum Physics

And another note; Reply 2 is not visible to me. "The following is a very thorough presentation comparing at least 4 contradicting groups of verses in the Quran, denying each other in explaining the matter of freewill and predestination." What you meant here I did not get. May be it was in Reply 2, but like I said, I did not see it.

There is Life After Death According to Quantum Physics

OK, sorry for very late return. I had to re-read everything quickly. We have an audit in the company so I am a dead man. :) Anyway, let's begin. First of all, like I said I do not ignore prophet or hadiths, and yes, although I did not want to mention, I am a Muslim. We were discussing the freewill and how Abrahamic religions explain it, but issue returned to pure theology and the authenticity of religions. In a short way, not Buhari, nor any other hadith collector claimed the hadiths they collected are %100 accurate, beside they added many objections or suspicions about them. So, a hadith MAY BE words of the prophet if and only if it is validated by Quran. Even then, you may not be %100 certain. Second, taxation of non-muslims has nothing to do with religions not targeting atheists, it is simply management of society; muslims were are also giving tax under the name of zakat. And no; non of the Abrahamic religions order punishment to people without a crime against society, let alone just by being an Atheist. And as a person here, reading all these articles, since when "majority" is a measure for truth? Even Creator says majority may be mistaken, do not follow them just because of this. I think this is where we should stop discussing general theology, because it is not relevant to article. I said my words about the "freewill" definition of religions and if you have anything to add, you are more than welcome. :)

How to use OfferVault and Affiliate Marketing to Your Advantage

In affiliate CPA some do it better, some worse. I see that working with // may have an easier flow for you to get that first sweet revenue that warms your heart and fills your bank account! just pay attention for each cpa offer restrictions. and that's all

Why is no one Talking About LENR Cold Fusion?

I have a theory! I tested it too. And I didn't use my already known observations to prove it nor did I invent something new or use math as proof as its not proof either. Theory, you say? Go check Lord Calvert's as his is bad and all anybody ever checked is his math. Nobody ever tested his theory. The Earth does not weigh anything close to the numbers cited! Newton is correct re a mountain and so a range of mountains not yielding a great enough difference so you wouldn't quantify the universal mean this way! Mason & Dixons survey showed an error in one direction for other reasoning. See Tennessee's Diamond Line surveyed by Peter Jefferson who is Thomas' father.

Why is no one Talking About LENR Cold Fusion?

Rossi? Forget him. I posted a comment in a rush this morning but it was incorrrctly flagged as spam. I hold the earliest good patent but not in my name. In the name of The Amrtican People. These guys? Missed something. They'll continue to miss it as long as they are consumed with the idea of profit and so money. Wanna bet me one dollar? You say cold fusion doesn't happen but I bet it does? It is? I'm not betting on them or their theory but upon myself and my own theory as I've already proven it's a law. I used TWO previously unknown behaviors in or rather of nature. One is... I know how and why mag north moves as it does. Ahaha!, the College Of Royal Astronomers cannot have a woman and/or me exactly prove that women are CREATED equal so yeah, at leadt one of us is an actual natural born genius who achieved on her very own aka without the help of men. Men? Still deny women can be and are geniuses, that we weren't CREATED defective. God forbid liberty and sovereignty is the actuality of nature we are all created with the same human potential and that its up to us to realize it and in so doing become self actualized. They were STUNNED when I told them that I never wanted or needed their petmission. All I had to do? Act! Soooo Mary, wanna bet me $1? That cold fusion is and I have it?

There is Life After Death According to Quantum Physics

What appears as magic today might eventually be explained as simply "manipulation of higher-dimensional physics", just like what natural phenomena appeared to ancient peoples. And on another note, not believing in dragons does not necessarily have to prevent us from enjoying stories and games involving their existence:-) So no, I'm not trying to convince anyone to accept what cannot be explained with the current bio-physical science (of our 3rd-dimensional realm) as natural facts of this realm. Just recommending the book as a pastime reading of a possible scenario (explaining Allah alias Yahweh alias Brahma from a different viewpoint whereas whether or not It actually exists could be an entirely different question from whether or not It is the one-and-only eternally-unchanging creator of all :-)

There is Life After Death According to Quantum Physics

Christians are commanded to put to death anyone who does not believe in their lord. Muslims are commanded to collect submission tax from non-Muslims in vicinity where these kafirs are minority. Apostasy is also punishable by death in Islam. Which religion are you exactly talking about? There is a huge difference between a believer and a seeker. One of them is willing to employ atheistic viewpoint in assessing all religions before choosing one to believe in (and willing to accept that there might be none which is worth-adhering) And why would a non-believer want or need religion to change them? Into what? Why would you need to believe in a deity to be a good and humane person?

There is Life After Death According to Quantum Physics

Reply 2 to Mehmet Bekir Birden, Do you want to review the issue of freewill and predestination philosophically, or Quranically? Philosophically speaking: 1. You cannot logically claim Allah creates everything EXCEPT evil, darkness, and other aspects of reality which YOU find to be unpleasant and inconvenient. Sorry, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. Either you believe that the Almighty controls all --or you don’t believe in the deity at all. 2. Without evil/ darkness how can you know what good/ light is? 3. The bad characters and the good characters in any scenario, don’t they all work for the same director? 4. Without the corruption of the Gospel of Jesus (which is a bad/ evil thing to have taken place), would there be a reason for Islam to be sent the world as “humanity’s salvation” and “grace to the whole universe”? Even something so “true” needs something so “false/ wrong" to exist:-). But on a side note, if Allah's "kun fayakuun" decision had replaced what could have only came from the sperm of a human male, then what's logically wrong in figuratively calling Isa as the Son of Allah? 5. What exactly is the problem in acknowledging that Allah does not give us freewill? Because it doesn’t suit ^your^ concept of Allah’s love justice? But who said that Allah had to be “just” and "loving" according you how ^you^ define that concept? This is what you would have been taught and indoctrinated with, should you been born and raised by parents who adhere to the Mu'tazilah sect of Islam. And Quranically speaking Find and read the article “The Problem of Divine Sovereignty, Predestination, Salvation and Human Free Will” by Sam Shamoun in the answering (dash) islam website. There are dozens of Quranic verses being reviewed there. My apologies to inform that if the only verse in the Quran which you know to be talking about ^freewill^ is that “Allah will not change the situation of someone unless they started changing it themselves” verse, then you have been a victim of taqqiyyah because that verse is NOT and NEVER the only verse in the Quran which discusses the matter. Should we discuss why the website displaying this presentation is banned in Islamic countries? Sorry, the philosophical "time" and "universe" does NOT mix with Scrapture-based religious teachings. To give a solid example, the story of Noah's Ark proves that Abrahamic rellgions cannot possibly be coming from all-knowing, all-creating God. Open the article The Impossible Voyage of Noah's Ark in the National Center for Science and Education (NCSE) website to study the evidences for this claim. Anyone who is honest in using their their logic cannot possibly accept that such story (having even been proven to be plagiarized by Islam from Christianity from Judaism from the ancient Epic of Gilgamesh) came from God. You are most welcome to "philosophize" the facts in that presentation in any way you like, but why would a deity who had failed to explain the natural (bio-physical) facts of our reality (which Itself had supposedly created) be trusted in Its claims on supernatural things like heaven and hell? Is your basis in rejecting reincarnation solely because "Abrahamic religions does not acknowledge it"? Allah claimed to have created everything in pairs but search for "gay animals" and ask yourself how come the deity did not know about asexual, bisexual, intersexual, trans-sexual, homosexual and parthenogenesis animals? And sweet destiny, we have not even talked about evolution. And sorry also that the earth is not flat, nor is it being at the center of the universe. Whether or not God actually exists as a personal entity (a notion rejected by Socrates, Spinoza, Einstein, Buddha, Hawking and deGrasse Tyson), it is a completely different matter to question whether Judeo-Islamo-Christianism correctly describes and explains the deity. Only Buddhism is consistent in claiming that God is beyond all explanations, while Abrahamic religions claim that God "works in mysterious ways" only when encountering difficult questions, yet keep on claiming that God is this and not that, God wants this and dislikes that, God can only be worshiped this way and not that, God gives eternity in heaven in only this way and not that, etc etc. Also, kindly note that you cannot defend the "truth of Abrahamic religions" as a whole. The 3 religions are (only) historically related, but by content they are demonizing each other. Maybe details don't interest you, but some of us are really interested in studying a religion for what it actually is (what its scrapture actually says --along with any contradicting verses from the same book) instead of what its cherry-picking "ignorant" adherents want to believe.

There is Life After Death According to Quantum Physics

A short answer, the detailed will come. First, I especially did not mention Islam and did not say I am a muslim, second, you do a black & white distinction between Quran and Sunnah. But no, there is a middle way too. But the long answer will come. :)

Why is no one Talking About LENR Cold Fusion?

LENR as you currrntly know it might be a dying field as debt fiat bills (money) and profit is about to drop dead. Benefit is not profit and this knowledge will brnegit us in ways none if you has envisioned. I know as...I filed a patent in early 2007 but formally, officially posted notice even eatlier, in 1999. I used our courts as I took on the manner in which we patent knowledge not tech and the fact that the ppl who are the US are mentally ill as they are now patenting law of nature and how those laws interact and apply. I patented ALL of this - ehatever is correct 😀 - in the name of The People. When you discover ehwh I know as I'm about to publish again you'll want to blame somebody for your suffering. In American law and according to it "blame" that is nothing more or less than the placement of judgement values is not to be found; we instead find fault and assign guilt. So look in a mirror if you know anything truthful about mirmirr sna the behavior of light as... All over Earth I waw turned away and rejected or ignored sna drnited outright as this person could not be CREATED equal with the same human potential as you that she then fully realized until she became ehwhol self actualized. This person couldn't be a woman, this person couldn't be righteous and finally this person couldn't be me, Susan exactly. Why? The nature of condtitutional authority baby!, as my commission is derived from the exactly named Creator and came into existence with existence itself meaning life not paper or math is the proof. As I know you NEVER use your already known observations to then prove your theory is a law of nature? That you must point to a behavior of nature that we do not yet comprehend and then prefict its behavior and if nsture follows suit only then id yid your theory a law of nature? Sorry fellas as I've defeated you in the race to the patent office, SCOTUS, The Vatican Court AND The Court Of Royal Astronomers even if the imposters refuse to let me appear in person: I know how and why magnetic North moves, I know something about nuclear chain reactions and I know something about humans; I'll use all three to absolutely prove my case and in so doing that my THEORY OF INTRINSICITY is a law of nature in The International Criminal Court. Or 60Minutes. Whoever volunteers first, lol. Here's a freebie as everything is free but there's always a cost: Lord Calvert and all after him are incorrect. Calvert's theory is bad. All you ever did? Check his math not prove or disprove his theory. Newton, Jefferson, Geodel, Einstein, Hugh Everett, Ray Morton and I are correct as this is about the nature of time and conciousness; it's about absolutes versus wholes. Jefferson discerned the uuiversal mean that eluded Newton. He first published the same year as Calvert and later published on the Cpngressional Record but in his lifetime he never came to know that he could not fix a clock that was never broken OR designed poorly as we did not begin tracking mag north until 1830, four years after his death so I, Susan, resolved the unification of Quantum Mechanics and Relativity. Like Einstein I did not actually eclipse anybody as in blot them out but instead addd my illumination to theirs thereby increasing the brilliance of the truth of our enlightenment as Americans do not stand upon the shoulders of giants but shoulder to shoulder with giants as we ourselves are giants. You have just been served!

There is Life After Death According to Quantum Physics

Reply 1 to Mehmet Bekir Birden "Informed ignorants"? Nice one:-). While I appreciate the compliment but I apologize in pointing that someone who is (properly) “informed” cannot be alleged as “ignorant”. If their sources (of knowledge) contradict yours then you debate them to find out whose are corrupt and/ or incomplete and/ or dishonest for only-selectively representing the truth, or attempting taqqiyyah by outright lying. Thus, an ignorant can only be “un-informed” or “mis-informed”. Now let us debate to see which of us failing to understand what your religion (my previous religion) actually teaches and what its alleged-book actually says:-) Now whatever you want to believe about anything, the majority of Muslims do accept the "truth" of the hadith collection compiled by Bukhari and Muslim. Yes I'm aware that by accepting the Al-Hadith as a "complementer & explainer" of the Quran, the majority of Muslims are actually denying the verses in which the Quran claims itself absolute, complete, perfect & doubtless. Not to mention that nowhere in the Quran had Allah made a promise to safeguard the supposed-purity of anything outside of the Quran itself (not surprising considering that Allah had intentionally allowed the earlier revelations to be corrupted by Jews & Christians:-). That's why some adherents of Islam with some semblance of logical honesty decided to be "Quran Only Muslims"; ditching the entire hadith collection. But as you might have already known, they are a persecuted and prosecuted minority, and for your own political correctness you can't just tell any fellow Muslim that you reject the entire Sunnah of the Prophet (and anything else non-Quranic). You want to debate the Sunnis and Shias that they are in fact denying and insulting the Quran by accepting hadiths as “complementer and explainer for the Quran"? Be my guest. But if you are NOT a Quran-only Muslim, what’s your basis in rejecting the Sahih verse(s) being discussed? Because it does not suit what you ^want^ to believe? If the fault lies with me for failing to understand it correctly, then you are most welcome to present your case. Please kindly show me (and the rest of us) what's wrong in understanding it as it is, and why ^your^ comprehension of it is the true Allah-inspired reading for the text? Additionally, another “motivation” for a number of Muslims to toss out the entire hadith collection was/ is because they don’t want to believe how the hadiths depict the Prophet. It is rather ironic that by rejecting the Sunnah they are (somehow) saving the reputation of the Prophet himself (since --among others-- only the hadiths testify that the Prophet had sexual relations with a 9-year-old girl while calling it ^marriage^ --yet Muslims are supposed to care about what “Insaan Kameel” allegedly said about the ^morality of homosexuality^?). Also, there will be a far greater unity without the "Sunni vs Shia division" --contributed existentially by the hadiths. Now to assume that you are indeed a Quran-only Muslim, it is only fair to acknowledge that I cannot use the Sunnah to show you what Islam actually teaches about ^freewill^ and predestination. Only the Quran alone is your standard of truth and I accept that challenge..... The following is a very thorough presentation comparing at least 4 contradicting groups of verses in the Quran, denying each other in explaining the matter of freewill and predestination. Kindly note how the Christian author of the presentation also admits that (anyone who’s honestly using their logic cannot deny that) the Bible also faces the same issue, albeit in different wording; Search for the article “The Problem of Divine Sovereignty, Predestination, Salvation and Human Free Will” by Sam Shamoun in the answering (dash) islam website (the dot org, which is a banned in my country Indonesia, not the dot com).

There is Life After Death According to Quantum Physics

One last thing, which is also a huge mistake. Religion does not target atheists, but targets misbelievers. I you do not believe, fine, you are free to go, but if you seek for something, then this is where religion comes to play. So if you are not a believer or seeker, do not expect religion will change you.

There is Life After Death According to Quantum Physics

While the God of Islamism admits (despite contradicting other verses Muslim writers often cherry-pick in their Taqiyya-based presentations) the non-existence of ^freewill^ (where everything has been predestined for It to be infinitely-almighty above & for everything there was, is & will be). Even a basic principle like this you got completely wrong. In Abrahamic religions Creator's will is over every thing, but not neglects the will of created ones - not only humans but also animals -. And sorry to disappoint you, but nothing is predestined for people. Sure, the end time and universe have their own agenda, but people have their own free will within this setup. What the huge mistake is, Creator knows everything and that is interpreted as Creator decides what will happen. Sure, that is in Creator's capabilities, but that does not mean Creator gives people a pseudo-freewill. And what causes this mistake is the concept of "time". Like the material "universe", "time" is also a setup for people. It does not cover the Creator but the Creator covers it. That is why it is possible know things before they happen. These are not my words, but the Abrahamic religions' words. But if you consider to play with 'Sahih Muslim Book" and interpret them as facts or say facts for neglecting the religions and belief altogether, that is your own freewill. Don't blame the Creator later on. :)

There is Life After Death According to Quantum Physics

I love the informed ignorants like you. You pick the words you like from many sources which themselves are under big questions and try to build your own facts depending on them, considering writing `Sahih Muslim Book 33#6409` will persuade others to your belief.

Meet the First Transgender Woman to Breastfeed a Baby

And the milk tests extremely close to other human mother’s milk.
What milk tests are you talking about? There were none. Have you even bothered to read the case report? Obviously not. Here, knock yourself out.

Meet the First Transgender Woman to Breastfeed a Baby

First?!? FIRST?!?!? Not even remotely CLOSE to being the first. I am SO sick of this insidious addiction to “being first” in the trans community. I was pumping breast milk over two years ago. And I’M not even remotely close to being the first.

Meet the First Transgender Woman to Breastfeed a Baby

Believe me. It’s real. And the milk tests extremely close to other human mother’s milk. A close friend, also trans, produced 12-16 ounces a day. Yes, she had to supplement. This process IS relatively new to our community... because it is treated as a taboo still. The process could be refined so we could produce more.

7 SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

Very informative article. In addition, another common SEO mistake is not considering Optimization for mobile and handheld devices. Now mobile first indexing is becoming a dominant part of the Google search algorithm. So create a mobile responsive site is one of the best SEO friendly solutions. By using AMP( Accelerated Mobile Pages), publishers can create a content that is optimized for mobile and capable of loading anywhere instantly. So, not using AMP is a disadvantage for publishers.

Comparing the Best Social Share WordPress Plugins out There

Hi Stephanie, thank you very much for this listing and sharing all this information about the different tools. Do you plan to update the list sometime? If so, I would like to introduce another interesting tool to you. It's called Blog2Social and is available as WordPress Plugin. It has powerful options for easily sharing your posts across all popular social media networks in one easy step. You can optionally customize your posts for each network and automatically schedule your posts for the best times to share. The plugin is a big time saver for cross-promoting. I’d love to hear what you think about it. Kind regards and happy sharing, Bastian

Canavero: First Head Transplant has a 90%+ Chance of Success

I believe it's only a matter of time before body transplants become accepted as normal medical procedures. I can't imagine how many nerves and other biological connections must be made, and whether or not they would all successfully take. Certainly as time goes on, the procedure will become more routine and successful, just as heart transplants are today verses forty years ago. Now, about that updated health insurance policy...

Sorry, Mars Fans--NASA Can't Afford the Trip

In the film making industry outside of union run Hollywood and New York, it is easy to procure actors and crew who will work for nothing but a film credit. The premise being that the process is so much fun, just the participation in the project is reward enough for many people. My belief is this volunteer model would transcend to the Mars mission as well. Certainly, the frontier of space is exciting to many individuals; so much so, that I can't help believing there might be many who would work for free or for a name credit. Not every aspect of the mission requires a degree in rocket science. There must be hundreds of positions requiring basic training that NASA could provide, and many space junkies would comprehend. This would significantly reduce the costs of any space mission, to Mars or the moon, freeing up the limited funds for use where it would be impossible to procure free services. It works for making films. Why not for space travel? If we are going to give up on Mars anyway, what is there to lose by trying this idea?

Quantum Resistant Ledger Could Make Current Blockchain Models Obsolete

Articles from our C.E.O. when he was leading QRL as a Co-Founder. The Case for Quantum Resistance A Post Quantum World

Cryptocurrency Mining is Hampering the Search for Alien Life

Hardly breaking news, that the search for intelligent life will result in a new discovery of intelligent life, created in machines here on earth. Aliens, if they ever come here/come here again.. will find everything run by Artificial life. The next highest life form will be too busy self medicating for Aliens to believe Human intelligence will evolve to a higher form and frankly, Aliens will look at Artificial Intelligence as nothing more than a virus threat. Funny it is so many Sci-fi followers always believed Aliens would be a threat as if Aliens could be interested in a lifeform intent on self destruction so badly that the lifeform even invented a machine intelligence to help the process along.

Top 10 Tools to Improve Your Content Creation Process

Hello Sophie, I use nearly 80% of the tools mentioned in this article. Please consider adding Social Animal ( to this list. Social Animal is a state-of-the-art content research product. Utilizing natural language processing and machine learning techniques, Social Animal peers into what makes good content tick. It doesn’t stop there, though. Social Animal’s core use cases are: > Content Research ( See article keywords, compare top performing articles, analyze article titles and get article shares across social networks ) > Content Insights ( Optimal title length to use, Optimal content length, Optimal day to publish and 6-month content performance history for any keyword or domain ) > Influencer Research ( Find real influencers, Twitter users and authors and see articles shared by influencers ) > Idea Generator ( See secondary keywords used in articles for any given keyword, real-world topics that connect to any keyword, uncover unforeseen connections/topics and get almost unlimited ideas for a given keyword ) P.S: I work for Social Animal and would love to hear your thoughts on our tool.

Facebook Admits Data-Sharing With Chinese Device Manufacturers

I stopped using it years ago when the first candidate/employer questions began to arise, with reports that some job seekers were being required to provide their potential employers access to their account if they wanted to be considered. As a recruiter at the time I was appalled and sided with the candidate who's rights were being violated by immoral and illegal, not to mention discriminatory, hiring managers. Granted this was contained quickly, at least as a "requirement" and I return to that term because just like FB sharing our informantion without our knowledge and permission, I'm quite sure, and again this is not being done by everyone. But a bad apple 🍏 rarely ever turns sweet, and so with that in mind, I decided then that they would still be checking on potential candidates pages without them being privy to it. But thankfully, we have privacy settings on our accounts to protect our most personal posts. Oh. No. Wait. That's right. FB switched it to public for us! And now they have data sharing contracts with Chinese device manufacturers? I don't think I was ever asked if I was okay with that! I felt like I saw this clown selling his soul to the almighty dollar eventually. I never thought he was trustworthy. Look at the foundation fb was formed on! It's been a game with him from the beginning. So to answer your question, I still have my account but I don't post on it. I likely never will. I personally switched over to Vero. (They don't have and never will have, advertising so there's no incentive for our data to be sold. And it's free from page after page of family vacations or cute babies. The pictures are actually rarely the type seen on fb. And lastly, so far, I haven't seen one negative or nasty word posted to anyone for reason.)

Everything you Need to Know About Fallout 76

I think Fallout 76 has promise, at least in terms of a game I can mess around in with friends. But I'm also looking to Anthem for that experience, too. I'll just be over here crying forever about both Dragon Age and Mass Effect though.

DARPA and Microsoft Brain Implants aim to fix Disabilities, PTSD

I'm sorry that my words intimated this meaning. I was referring to the issues brought up in Black Mirror's "Arkangel" episode and did not mean to belittle the existence and lives of disabled people. I have amended my words to reflect this intent more clearly and I will do better in the future to convey my meaning and be more inclusive and thoughtful. Please let me know if you have other suggestions on how to improve!

Top 10 Tools to Improve Your Content Creation Process

I stumbled over your blog when looking for keyword research articles and I do have something you could add to this. I first want to point out Canva. This service is amazing once you get used to it but I think it is not the most user friendly. There is far too much going on and as someone new on there you will end up leaving the site. If you are new then check out Snappa. Much easy to use template wise and creation wise. As for my little trick. It involves using Google to point search visitors towards your own content. You can read more here: Let me know what you think.

Get Ready for 5G Anywhere in the World: SpaceX Begins StarLink Internet Project

I do not support the 5G system. This is a weapons system disguised as communications. The insects are disappearing as are all avian life. Sea creatures as well. Cancer rate is astronomic. I have seen only 3 birds in 5 days. This microwave bath will kill us all. Asbestos didn't work out. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. Just say no to 5G

5 YouTube SEO Tools to Improve Your Rankings

Sophie you have some great resources there. You mention Canva and I think for a "newbie" it can be a little too much. You should check out Snappa. Much more user friendly and I use them alot. Google has also launched a secret update in the search results. It enables you to potential get the traffic from the big boys in the big keywords. You can see how it works here. Let me know what you think of Snappa!

How to Build a Strong SEO Foundation for a new Website

This is a great post you have put together. It's easy for the beginner to follow. I enjoy to write content in this format. I have a resource that might go well with your article. It's a neat little trick to target those big keywords using Google. Let me know what you think.

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