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BlackBerry Sues Twitter for Patent Infringement

Blackberry is not quite ready to quit the smartphone game. ¦ Image via Blackberry

Blackberry is not quite ready to quit the smartphone game. ¦ Image via Blackberry

Former smartphone maker, Blackberry, is suing Twitter for alleged patent infringement.

According to the claim, Twitter is currently infringing on six of the now defunct phone manufacturer’s patent. These include mobile advertising techniques as well as the push and silencing notification, among others.

In the complaint filed at the district court in Los Angeles, BlackBerry wrote that Twitter:

“Succeeded in diverting consumers away from BlackBerry’s products and services and toward its own by misappropriating features that made BlackBerry a critical and commercial success in the first place.”

The self-proclaimed pioneer of mobile messaging was indeed a commercial success thanks in part to the functionality enhancing features and innovative user interface.

But it appears like the company, having abandoned its quest to create something new, is now taxing the innovation of others.

That’s right; this is not Blackberry’s first patent infringement lawsuit. Just last year, the company sued Facebook for allegedly infringing on seven patents.

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The items listed include in the claim include user interface features, mobile messaging in games, security, and battery-efficient status updates. Like Twitter’s alleged patent infringement, Facebook also covered the silencing notifications.

In September 2018, the social networking giant filed a suit of its own against Blackberry, claiming that the Ontario based company infringed on five of its patents.

Once a smartphone giant, Blackberry stopped manufacturing its hardware back in 2016. The company is now focused on creating software to manage mobile devices. It’s also dabbling into other areas such as self-driving cars.

Under this new strategy, the company unveiled a new smartphone, the KEYone, manufactured by TCL.

Blackberry and Twitter were yet to comment at the time of publication.

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