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What to Expect From CES 2018, Livestream, and Other Event Details

James Mattil |

James Mattil |

The stage is set for this year’s biggest technology show in the United States: CES 2018.

January only means one thing in the tech community: CES 2018 is finally here! The annual tech conference showcasing the latest gadgets, cars, toys, and electronics will be held this year in Las Vegas starting tomorrow, January 9th, until Friday, January 12th.

Register to live stream CES 2018 here.

While CES will officially begin tomorrow, some big names in the tech industry have already shown the public a glimpse of what tech innovation could look like this year. The first big reveal happened yesterday with the American auto startup, Byton, unveiling its electric concept car that is set to launch in late 2019 for a $45,000 USD starting price.

Several announcements by leading companies participating in the event also made headlines these past days. From large display 4K/8K televisions to ultra-thin laptops and other artificial intelligence-powered home and personal devices, the CES 2018 will definitely be a parade of next-generation electronics and smart appliances.

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Excited to be blown away? Here are some of the things that you can expect to see over the next couple of days.

The Rise of Augmented Reality

While virtual reality is still struggling to break into the mainstream market, augmented reality is starting to make its own way to the top. Admit it or not, with AR slowly being popularized by smartphone game developers such as Niantic, creator of the famous Pokémon Go, the tech is definitely the next big thing in gaming. If you think that AR is just a minor niche market, take a look at the massive crowds that took part in the Pokemon Go craze in New York at the height of its popularity last year.

Aside from that, with tech companies continuously developing wearable ‘rings‘ and ‘glasses‘ to harness AR’s spatial landscape, virtual reality might, unfortunately, fade into obscurity. Unless developers find a way to break the VR barriers that keep them from exploring the full potential of this technology, 2018 might be the end of the VR market.

For now, there’s no better place to showcase AR prototypes and future ideas than CES.

Battle of 4K/8K Televisions

Of course, CES 2018 wouldn’t be complete without Samsung, LG, and other smart television manufacturers showcasing their ‘new’ TV features packed in giant screens. You should expect a fight between OLED and LCD models plus a major gathering of prototype television designs boasting 8K displays and HDR10.

Also, you might not want to miss the 65-inch ‘rollable’ OLED television that LG just unveiled at CES.

Another Round of AI Assistant Competition

For years, CES has been known mostly for the presence of smart home gadgets. While these devices remained out of consumers’ reach for years, developments in the field of artificial intelligence have eventually put them not just in our homes but also in our pockets.

CES 2018 will probably be no different for smart home technology. However, expect more than just connected light bulbs, doorknobs, or power outlets as companies continuously expand the reach of their AI assistants. For instance, we might see devices that support multiple AI platforms or gadgets that perform tasks beyond our imagination.

Thrilling, isn’t it?

Other Technologies

Other technologies that we will probably see in Las Vegas this week could include health-related gadgets and wearables. You can also add some beauty gadgets to your wish list plus new gaming techs, consoles, experimental VR hardware, next-generation computing devices, and lots of concept cars!

Honestly, with giants like Intel, IBM, and Qualcomm, to name a few, gracing CES 2018, together with ambitious tech startups eager to prove themselves, it will definitely be a week filled with bright ideas and future techs.

Stay tuned as Edgy Labs brings you the latest happenings at this year’s CES in Las Vegas! For more information about the event, click here.

Are you attending CES 2018? What ‘new’ technologies are you hoping to see at the event? Let us know in the comment section below

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