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Edgy Exclusive: CES 2019 Pre-Event Updates and Previews

CTA President and CEO Gary Shapiro delivers the opening keynote address at CES | CES

CTA President and CEO Gary Shapiro delivers the opening keynote address at CES | CES

Here’s an exclusive Edgy preview of what you should expect from one of the biggest tech shows of this year — CES 2019.

CES 2019 is just around the corner. Naturally, people from all around the world are excited to see all the latest electronic devices and tech innovations from startup companies and the most prominent names in the tech industry.

The annual tech show will once again be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas Valley, Nevada. It will officially begin on Tuesday next week, January 8th, and will end on Friday, January 11th. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai was supposed to attend the event but canceled the trip amid the current government shutdown.

While some major electronics and car manufacturing companies are using CES to introduce their newest products, many of the technologies to be showcased at the event are iterations. Meaning, if you’re going to attend CES 2019, expect to see upgrades and improvements on existing devices.

Aside from the hundreds of displays, people are also looking forward to the keynote addresses from the CEOs and executives of world-leading tech companies like LG, IBM, AMD, and others. Here are the schedules of this year’s CES keynote addresses.

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January 7th CES 2019 Keynote Address

LG Electronics will be giving the pre-event keynote address on January 7th. The company has been a world leader when it comes to the development of artificial intelligence for consumer electronics. In fact, LG is widely credited for the evolution of smart appliances. The keynote address will be delivered by LG President and Chief Technology Officer, Dr. I.P. Park.

January 8th CES 2019 Keynote Addresses

The Consumer Technology Association, the organization behind the CES tech show, will deliver the opening keynote address on January 8th. This year, CES 2019 will be hosting more than 4,200 companies and vendors from different fields of technology like gaming, computer hardware, consumer electronics, and many more. The opening keynote address will be presented by CTA President and CEO, Gary Shapiro, and CTA Executive Vice President Karen Chupka.

The iconic computer company, IBM, will also deliver its keynote address on Wednesday. Ginni Rometty, IBM’s Chairman, President, and CEO will be sharing the stage with CTA’s Shapiro and Chupka. IBM is expected to emphasize how today’s businesses can thrive through artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

The day’s last keynote address will be coming from the telecommunication’s giant, Verizon. Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg is expected to discuss how 5G can affect our highly connected world and the implications of the Internet of Things.

January 9th CES 2019 Keynote Addresses

During the second day of the CES 2019, AMD will open the event with its keynote address. As Intel’s closest rival when it comes to the production of powerful computer processors, AMD will be discussing how both conventional and quantum computing can be used to tackle societal issues while pushing to advance transportation, entertainment, and gaming.

AMD President and CEO, Dr. Lisa Su is also expected to introduce during her keynote speech the company’s 7nm High-Performance CPU and GPU, the first of its kind in the world.

The U.S. Transportation Secretary, Elaine Chao, will also take center stage to deliver the final keynote address. She will be discussing the current benefits and challenges posed by the rapid advancement of autonomous car and drone technologies. She will also address how these latest innovations will affect and change the current infrastructure of public transportation.


All the keynote addresses will be live-streamed via the CES 2019 website. For more details about the event, click here. Stay tuned as Edgy brings to you more updates from CES 2019.

What latest technologies are you expecting to see in CES 2019?

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