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CES Special: Razer may Conquer your Wall with Project Ariana

CES Las Vegas 2017 is in full swing, with new tech gadgets bidding for the attentions of next-gen technology fans. Gamers, check out Project Ariana!

Project Ariana |

Project Ariana |

Razer‘s new addition to their Chroma line of products is a projector that adds ambiance to your gaming experience. With monitors the size of walls being too expensive for the average gamer, will Project Ariana be conquering your wall soon?

CES Las Vegas 2017 is here, and the new gadgets on display are all jockeying for attention. In the gaming world, Razer has a reputation for their flashy peripherals that come with solid performance, but the company is trying something new with Project Ariana.

Razer Project Ariana |

The Razer Project Ariana 4K Projector

Do you like immersion with your gaming experience? Razer promises that and more with its 4k projector. The device can be used as an ordinary projector, but it also has a function that extends your monitor onto the wall behind it using a 155-degree fisheye lens and two depth-sensing cameras that detect furniture and change the image to avoid distorting it.

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If you play first-person shooters, you’ll love the peripheral vision that comes with the extended view. In the future, there is a potential for AR to improve the interactivity of the Project Ariana projector. Sure, that probably covers a lot of other games too, but for FPS and other e-sport games, Ariana may give users a new kind of competitive edge.

“Razer also announced that it would be allowing Chroma into partners’ products.”

Just in case you don’t want your games to take over your view, the projector also has an ambient mode that projects colors onto the wall.

Razer also announced that it would be allowing Chroma into partners’ products, including LenovoAntec, and lighting company Nanoleaf.

This is a big leap from Razer’s color-shifting keyboards and mice, and the concept currently has no price or release date, but stay tuned to CES Las Vegas 2017 to catch a demonstration.

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