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Check Out This Unofficial Nike Commercial Generated by AI

Screenshot from AI & Kennedy : Legend That Thing | Nike (generated by a neural network) | Le Divelec Jean-Baptiste YouTube Channel

Screenshot from AI & Kennedy : Legend That Thing | Nike (generated by a neural network) | Le Divelec Jean-Baptiste YouTube Channel

Artificial intelligence is transforming pretty much every facet of marketing, especially advertising.

The roles AI can fulfill in that regard go well beyond the simple data gathering and crunching to make ads more impactful. Ad optimization is one thing, and ad creation is another.

We’ve seen AI-scripted commercials, but AI can create ads from scratch with little to no human intervention. This AI application in advertising is still in the experimentation phase, and it might be reserved for big brands with financial and technical resources.

AI-Created Nike Commercial: “Legend That Thing”

Last year, Lexus released what it claimed to be the world’s first advertising scripted by an AI.

The luxury carmaker used IBM’s Watson, a trove of data, and a few humans to finish the job. Watson reviewed a 15-year-worth database of award-winning ads and other data about people’s responsivity to car commercials.

The script of the ad that Watson wrote is strange and melodramatic. It is about a sentient Lexus that manages to survive against humans wanting to destroy it through a crash test.

Kevin Macdonald, director of The Last King of Scotland, among other films, directed the AI-scripted Lexus ad.

Now, it is the turn of Nike, but unofficially since the footwear wasn’t directly involved with the experiment.

From “Just Do It” to “Legend That Thing,” Nike may have found another iconic slogan thanks to AI.

Jean-Baptiste Le Divelec, self-proclaimed as a “meme dealer/gamer/creative copywriter,” recently unveiled “A Nike Commercial Generated by a Neural Network.”

To create this unofficial Nike commercial, Le Divelec trained a neural network on seven years worth of the iconic brand’s ads. As to why he chose Nike, he said.

“I wanted to experiment with it myself at first hand and try to generate a commercial. So I took one of the most iconic brands in the world, Nike, and started to look for all of the brand manifesto commercials I could find. Nike just made sense because they are definitely highly regarded in the industry, and I knew I would get enough data to get interesting results.”

Here’s the one-minute video of Nike commercial created by AI. The artificial intelligence system has worked as an automatic text generator. “If you can’t beat him, legend that thing” sounds like a Nike slogan, or at least a T-shirt slogan.

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