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China Creates Microwave Active Denial System in Counter-Terrorism Offensive

IN a supposed counter-terrorist move, China has announced the development of a new microwave anti-personnel device. | Hung Chung Chih /

IN a supposed "counter-terrorist move", China has announced the development of a new microwave anti-personnel device. | Hung Chung Chih /

According to recent reports, China is developing a non-lethal weapon based on microwave radar technology.

Instead of inflicting fatal injuries, the new weapon – known as the Microwave Active Denial system – allows the user to deal out horrible pain to quickly disable a threat.

The project’s chief engineer, surnamed Su, revealed that the microwave radar technology based weapon is expected to improve China’s counter-terrorism.

Also, it could provide a more advanced land and maritime border defense capabilities to the country. So, how exactly does it work?

The Microwave Active Denial System

Image via the Beijing Institute of Radio Measurement

Su described how the weapon works during an exclusive interview with Global Times, a state-owned Chinese tabloid.

According to the engineer, the Microwave Active Denial System shoots microwaves at the target, which causes a horrible pain in the nerves under the skin. As a result, it effectively halts the target’s violent action.

Based on the situation, the weapon system has two working modes. The first is a point and launch mode, which is designed to attack an identified target in specific body parts. The other mode, called a sector sweep mode, is ideal for larger areas and multiple targets.

Global Times reported that the Microwave Active Denial System is not only available in a stationary form, but can also be mounted on a vehicle for effectiveness.

Why the Chinese Government is Bragging About the New Weapon

Although the chief engineer described it as an anti-terrorism tool, the new weapon system could also be used to control the population and quell uprisings.

As such, the Chinese government quickly made the existence of this weapon public with the hope of selling it to other countries. Potential customers include the country’s police force as well as the coast guard.

The Global Times revealed that several countries and regions have already expressed interest in the project.

The Microwave Active Denial System is a joint project between China’s Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation and the Beijing Institute of Radio Measurement.

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