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China to Begin Nationwide 5G Network Rollout by October

Image courtesy of Shutterstuck

Image courtesy of Shutterstuck

China is expected to roll out 5G across the country this October. The move also aims to make China’s largest city, Shanghai, the first to have a commercial 5G network.

Everyone is excited about the arrival of the next generation of wireless technology. And, why not?

According to experts, 5G revenues could reach $672 billion by the end of 2020. A Statista estimate also projected 5G subscriptions to reach 2.61 billion by 2025.

While the said wireless technology won’t be fully functional in several countries for a while, China plans to deploy its first commercial 5G network before the end of this year.

5G Network Rollout in China: What It Means

During the CES Asia 2019 in Shanghai, Steve Koenig confirmed the timeline. He also stated that the service would arrive in 49 cities, with Shanghai being the first to try it out.

Speaking at the event, the vice-president of Market Research at Consumer Technology Association (CTA) said:

“5G technology is a key ingredient. Eventually, it’s going to under-pan the global economy”

Koenig noted that China’s wireless carriers, China Mobile, Unicom, and China Telecom, are working together to bring the commercial 5G network to the country.

Back in June 2019, China granted 5G licenses for commercial use. Aside from making the nation a leader in the global telecommunications industry, the move also ensures that China would be one of the first to enjoy the industrial value of 5G application.

“In terms of industrial value, we want to reach 100 billion applications for 5G. Now we have 100 applications across different industries,” says Koenig.

As you may have guessed, the head start has a significant impact on the current digital society. Estimates reveal that 5G would create over three million jobs between 2020 and 2025 while generating an economic output that’s worth over $1.45 trillion.

Although South Korea is the first country in the world to launch 5G, China is expected to represent 40 percent of the global 5G connections by 2025.

5G To Arrive in Hongkou This October

The district of Hongkou in Shanghai will be the first to enjoy the 5G coverage. According to general manager of China Mobile, Yan Jun, the district would serve as a testing ground for industries that want to explore 5G applications.

The Mayor of Shanghai, Ying Yong, was first to enjoy the 5G experience. He made a phone call using Huawei Mate X – Huawei’s first 5G smartphone – without replacing his sim card.

With China’s nationwide 5G rollout on the way, Koenig expects other countries to speed up their adoption of the network.

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