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Official Chrome OS Virtual Desks: "Coming Soon"

Google Chrome OS allowing virtual machines could be a big step forward in their OS offensive ¦ Pexels

Google Chrome OS allowing virtual machines could be a big step forward in their OS offensive ¦ Pexels

Many have long awaited the fabled release of Chrome OS virtual desktops. In fact, Android Police’s David Ruddock interviewed Kan Liu about it last year. He’s the senior product manager for Chrome OS, but the interview didn’t produce much.

The latest news suggests that Chrome OS Virtual Desks may launch sooner than anticipated.

A new Commit Shows off Video of Baseline Plans

Other operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac all allow for virtual desktops. In fact, they allow for multiple virtual desktops. Not only does this clean up workspaces visually, it can enhance efficiency (or at least it does for me).

Though details remained fuzzy in 2018, the latest commit on Chromium’s Gerrit source code management hints that the update is coming soon.

Entitled “Virtual Desks 1: Initial scaffolding”, the commit mentions UI elements and shows off a video demonstration as linked above. It includes the guidelines: “This CL adds the very basic scaffolding which will be used in subsequent CLs to build the virtual desks feature.”

Items added in the latest update include:

  • A bar to contain desk thumbnails.
  • A mouse release and moves, gestures, and taps overview.
  • “New Desk” button for Chrome OS’s overview mode.
image of a Microsoft Windows virtual desktop setup for article Official Chrome OS Virtual Desks:
An example of what virtual desktops look like in the Windows OS. | Windows

Potential Release Date Still Unclear

Though many users still rely on Windows or Mac OS machines, Chrome OS remains popular for many reasons and as an alternative OS.

Unfortunately, the latest commit did not reveal a concrete release date.

The video showcases a bug seen in Chrome OS 71 which released in December last year after many changes in Chrome 70. This indicates that the earliest possible release would not come until after Chrome OS Canary version 74.

Read More: Everything You Need to Know About Chrome 70

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