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Coding Games for Kids: A Fun Way to Learn Computer Programming

Faith Nyky /

Faith Nyky /

Learning how to write computer programs can be difficult. However, with coding games for kids, the learning process not only becomes easy, but it can be fun too.

In the simplest terms, coding is a process of writing instructions for a computer to accomplish specific tasks. It’s often called computer programming, and a complete set of instructions is known as a program.

Everything we use on our smart devices today requires coded programs to work – whether it’s an app, game, or software. With advancements in technology, every household appliance, including cars, would ultimately depend on codes to function.

However, for a program to perform its intended task, the coder must write it in a way that a computer understands. That’s where the computer language comes in.

Examples of these computer languages include HTML, Python, Javascript, among others.

Kids that are learning how to code typically begin with simplified visual programming tools. This allows them to create programs from pre-made blocks of code. They simply have to stack the codes together to form a sequence of instructions.

Later, the children move on to text-based programming languages. At this stage, the kids typically use words, numbers, symbols, and abbreviations to write instructions for the computer.

Now you’re wondering; why teach ten years olds how to write computer codes?

Computer Coding For Kids: Why It’s A Good Idea

The first advantage of computer programming is it teaches kids to find a solution to problems. This often involves a logical sequence of actions, which eventually improves their problem-solving skills.

Not only would your kids have a better understanding of cause and effect, but they will also know the value of perseverance as well as trial and error. As a bonus, coding also increases analytical thinking and reasoning skill, including language and math skill.

In the end, you’ll have creative children that can pursue innovative ideas and solutions.

Besides, your kids are always engaged on a screen. Isn’t it better to use all that screen time for something fun and productive rather than passive entertainment?

Now that you know the upsides, there’s just one other question:

How Do You Introduce Kids To Coding?

From programming toys to coding games for kids, here are four ways to introduce your kids to coding.

1. Hands-On Play Using Toys

Several toys exist on Amazon to teach children the building blocks of coding.

Aside from the fun that comes with programming these toys, it also encourages experiential learning. Your kids may not even realize that they’re becoming familiar with how coding works.

2. Create Coding Environments

With the ideal environment, kids can have access to real life coding experiences. For example, MakerFaire offers what’s essentially a science fair for kids of all ages and their parents.

Also, Girls Who Code provides a holistic understanding of different computer languages during its seven-week summer immersion program.

There’s also the FIRST organization by Dean Kamen for students between 6 and 18. Aside from providing various coding challenges for kids, the program improves their understanding of robotic programming.

Also, it fosters teamwork.

3. Introduce Your Kids to Online Resources

Google and Microsoft have online hubs – Made With Code and. YouthSpark respectively – which they dedicated to teaching computer science. Kids would have access to resources about coding.

These include places to learn how to code, activities to ease the learning process, as well as networking opportunities. Another option is to use, a non-profit that’s on a mission to make computer science accessible to everyone.

The site is not for kids alone. Whether you’re a student, teacher, or a coding advocate, anyone can benefit from the rich content.

4. Consider Coding Games For Kids

One of the perks of a primarily mobile generation is the ease of skill acquisition.

Rather than learn the traditional way, several mobile platforms (free and paid) are available to ease the learning process. All you need is access to the Internet and the smartphone app, and you’re good to go.

Aside from providing coding games for kids, some of these platforms provide a rich online community to help with challenges.

There’s just one last question: which are the top computer programming games for kids, you ask?

Top Five Coding Games For Kids That Are Fun And Free

Here are some of the best programming games for your children.

1. CodeCombat

Coding games for kids
CodeCombat | Pinterest

Looking for a graphically rich programming code that teaches typed code? CodeCombat may be just what you need. It offers various coding options, which include JavaScript, Python, and CoffeeScript, among others.

Playing CodeCombat is pretty straight forward. Think of your average fantasy role-playing game, but with codes to control the character.

The coding game doesn’t require previous knowledge. That’s because it provides tutorials to help prompt the proper codes in specific situations.

CodeCombat offers a free anonymous version of the game on its website for players that don’t want to log in.

2. RoboZZle

RoboZZle | YouTube

The self-described “social puzzle game” allows you to solve puzzles. The game requires that you program a robot to move in different directions and perform specific tasks.

To gain access to the full free online game, players have to install Silverlight on their browser. You can also play the light version, which runs on Javascript.

When a registered user has completed all 40 puzzles, the game offers the option of submitting these puzzles for other players to try.

RoboZZle is suitable for everyone – from children, older kids, to even adults.

3. Code Master

Code Master | Youtube

The Code Master Programming Logic Game inspires the free online version of this game.

Whether you’re playing the beginner or advanced levels, the online version of Code Master involves guiding an Avatar to collect crystals in a temple.

Although the controls are straightforward, the gameplay itself can be a bit complex. Using different directional puzzles, a player must map out how to move from one point to another.

While Code Master is one of the best coding games for kids, it could also provide a bit of a challenge for adults too.

4. Scratch

Scratch | YouTube

Unlike the Code Master, RoboZZle, and CodeCombat, Scratch is not just a programming game for children.

MIT developed this graphical programming environment to enable kids to create animations and games. And it functions through a series of drag-and-drop programming events.

At first glance, Scratch can be a little intimidating. But with time, it becomes fun and easy to use.

Scratch comes with an online community of developers who share their creations online. As a result, you’ll always have free games to play.

5. Blockly Games

Screenshot of Blockly Games | YouTube

Blockly games is a free Google project designed to introduce kids to programming. It’s a seven games series which begins with Puzzle – an introduction to Blockly.

Subsequent games such as Bird and Turtle introduces the player to conditionals and loops respectively. Before playing Blockly Games, you may want to check out Blockly Maze first.

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