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Consumers are Excited to Use Visual Search For Shopping

Artur Szczybylo /

Artur Szczybylo /

Visual search has not gone mainstream yet. But, consumers are already excited about using technology to enhance their shopping experience.

Visual search technology enables consumers to snap a picture of a product that piques their interest. Then, a search engine can direct them to a product page to make their purchase.

The image search technology is particularly useful when you find an item that you want, but there’s no information about where to get it. According to a November survey by ViSenze, more than half of the internet users in the United States are excited about using visual search.

Shoppable ContentInstagram and Pinterest – is another shopping technology that’s generating some excitement.

The ViSenze survey suggested that 43 percent of internet users are excited about Shoppable content as being part of their shopping products. Product Recommendations, a filtering system that predicts what consumers want to purchase, followed closely behind with 40 percent.

Just 21 percent of the respondents selected Augmented Reality as part of their shopping experience. Even fewer people – 7 percent – were most excited about Chatbots or Live Chat.

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So, here’s the question:

Why Are Consumers Excited About Visual Search?

According to a principal analyst at eMarketer, Nicole Perrin, visual search solves a problem that many other consumer search options have struggled with in the past. It helps find something you saw in real-life on a digital channel.

So, it’s not surprising that the technology is poised for mainstream adoption.

Data from Bizrate Insights revealed that 12 percent of U.S. consumers have tried using visual search. Although about 53 percent of the consumers have not used the technology, they expressed an interest in trying it.

Also, marketers find visual search especially attractive since it involves purchase intent on the part of the consumers.

A picture really is worth a thousand words in this circumstance, and consumers readily understand that,” Perrin concluded.

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