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8 Tips for Your Content Marketing Cheat Sheet

Crafting your ideal content marketing cheat sheet can be just as difficult as optimizing a 3,000 white paper. So that means it helps to have experts provide insight on the subject and do the work for you.

There are more than enough content marketing guides out there at the moment. But there are few definitive cheat-sheets. Here's everything you need to know about content marketing. | Image By ESB Professional | Shutterstock

There are more than enough content marketing guides out there at the moment. But there are few definitive cheat-sheets. Here's everything you need to know about content marketing. | Image By ESB Professional | Shutterstock

This article details 8 tips to boost your content marketing in a quick, easy guide for your digital marketing needs.

Getting hold of a content marketing cheat sheet might seem like an easy task. But there are thousands of options out there and not all are created equal.

We here at Edgy Labs have positioned ourselves as content marketing experts.

Through keeping a keen eye on trends, leveraging the latest in data science tools, and harnessing the power of unique talent, we make breakthroughs daily. As such, we like to pass on these fruits of our labor to our loyal readers.

Here are the top 8 everyday tips for your content marketing cheat sheet.

image of a phone screen producing a hashtag sign for article 8 Tips for Your Content Marketing Cheat Sheet
Hashtags can be helpful or turn off users if you use them improperly. | Shortstack

Tip #1: Learn When and How to Use Hashtags

Some people will tell you that hashtags are now useless (and always have been).

These people aren’t wrong…for certain platforms. But if you aren’t leveraging hashtags for Instagram, Twitter, or event for Facebook, you are failing at content marketing.

Though exploiting timely hashtags might net you a few extra post views or even some engagement, hashtags function — first and foremost — as organizational tools.

Use them as such and you will tap into audiences that are looking for the kind of content you are pumping out. With an interested audience, your engagement will likely be better which, in turn, will most likely improve your conversions, ROI, or overall visibility.

image of a smartphone screen with social media platform icons on it for article 8 Tips for Your Content Marketing Cheat Sheet
You can re-purpose content across platforms easily using the same keywords for added content value. | XANDER_DEZ | Pixabay

Tip #2: Advertise the Same Content on Different Platforms

Whether you’re an agency with tons of resources or one person, you have limits. There are only so many hours in the day and only so many combinations of words.

That’s why you need to advertise content over various platforms as you create it

A blog format won’t work for an Instagram post. But you can parse out important parts of the blog post and craft a “teaser”-like post for Instagram. Of course, you must include the link to the blog post in your bio and mention that on your Instagram post.

You can do the same thing with Twitter and Facebook.

Content marketing pros should know this one by now, but some still don’t seem to see the power of cross-pollination.

image of the word
You work hard to craft SEO content — why not use it whenever possible? | Search Engine Land

Tip #3: Don’t Just use SEO Content for Blog Posts

In the same vein of content marketing cheat sheet tip #2, you can repurpose SEO content for social media platforms, as well.

Crafting SEO savvy blog content is all well and good. In fact, it is absolutely necessary and invaluable in today’s SERP-focused environment. But you should make all of your content optimized and not just your blogs or articles.

After all, including key terms in Instagram posts or Tweets may improve visibility.

Furthermore, you can link to your blog, use appropriate hashtags, and maybe get some shares or inquiries about guest blogging or sourcing. You would be surprised at what a dynamic and thorough SEO friendly strategy can accomplish with no paid assistance.

image of a person holding a camera for article 8 Tips for Your Content Marketing Cheat Sheet
Video content may seem daunting, but you can get into quickly and effectively. | Free-Photos | Pixabay

Tip #4: Leverage Video Content ASAP

This is another big one that people often omit in their content marketing cheat sheet strategies or even altogether.

From Instagram stories and Facebook Live to traditional YouTube videos, it has never been easier to create visual content for your audience and brand.

I’ve written extensively about how brands can use video content to improve visibility, engagement, and reach. There’s even a handy guide for starting your video content marketing strategy, as well.

At this point, you have zero excuses — get out there and start creating video content!

image of a businessperson going over paperwork and data for article 8 Tips for Your Content Marketing Cheat Sheet
Some tools may provide more useful insights in their paid versions than others. | rawpixel | Pixabay

Tip #5: Discern When you Need to pay for SEO Tools

As there are so many “five-minute hack” videos all over Instagram, there are just as many data science tools claiming to be the best one for your job. But the truth is, every industry and company is different with varying needs.

As such, this means that one SEO tool may work well for one brand, but not for you.

We wrote last summer about some of the best tools for creating content. This list included must-have content creating and content marketing tools like KWFinder. You can take advantage of the free option, but you only get around five-word lookups per day.

If you plan to enact a robust SEO strategy, that quota won’t cut it I’m afraid.

This makes KWFinder one of the tools you should definitely purchase the paid plan for since it is invaluable. For other tools including various metrics and insight tools, this may not be the case.

Since you can do so much with Google Analytics, that may be enough for you.

What you have to do is put your head down, do some research, and find out what your content marketing strategy really needs and will use.

gif from
Saul (from Breaking Bad and his own show) knows his stuff. | Better Call Saul, AMC via Gfycat

Tip #6: Diversify your Content Types and Brand

Influencer marketing is one indispensable tool for “lifestyle brands”  like Covergirl, Soylent, or RayBan.

When I mentioned these brands, you imagined a type of person, didn’t you? The glam girl on the go, the tech bro, and a lifeguard surfer or unkempt hipster, probably.

That power to evoke a person with a specific lifestyle makes these brands “lifestyle brands”. As such, these brands also tend to have more diverse content.

Even if you have an extensive product line like that of a cosmetics company, post after post about makeup gets boring after a while, right?

So many big brands began diversifying their content and casting a “wide net” when it came to the kinds of topics they would cover, write about, or associate with their company and image.

Covergirl started doing collaborations with pop stars and Disney characters. Soylent can now be found in your local grocery store as opposed to just online.

Diversifying your content keeps your current audience engaged while attracting new audience members who might not know about your service or product.

image of a chart for article 8 Tips for Your Content Marketing Cheat Sheet
Data science has come a long way, but if we go just by data, we may miss some key signs or opportunities. | 6689062 | Pixabay

Tip #7: Don’t go Strictly “by the Numbers”

Take this content marketing cheat sheet tip with a grain of salt because it is more of a subjective tip than an objective must-do in the realm of content marketing.

Many companies tend to only look at the numbers for projects. If something doesn’t post big changes or improvements in a short span of time, they may abandon it. Even if, after months of working, the project still hasn’t produced “enough”, people will ax it.

Consider the case of Square Enix and the new video game reboot of Lara Croft.

The game sold 3.4 million copies when it launched in 2013 in its first month alone. Despite this seemingly astronomical number, Square Enix remained displeased. They blamed games like Lara Croft titles for losing tons of money year over year.

And yet, just one year later, the company changed its tune with the title being “on track” to hit sales goals. Fast forward to now: the franchise is a critical success with two sequels after the initial game.

If Square Enix had “gone by the numbers”, they would have missed out on loads of future profits in the subsequent games in the franchise.

But honing those instincts of “when to hold em’, and when to fold ’em”, as it were, often takes times and lots of failures.

It also helps to rally a solid team with diverse knowledge around you. After all, having a few perspectives is generally better than having just one.

image of buildings being built in NYC in a timelapse for article 8 Tips for Your Content Marketing Cheat Sheet
Building anything worth having takes time, patience, and lots of effort. | Inside Out Group

Tip #8: SEO Strategies Take Time

In the same vein of content marketing cheat sheet strategy tip #7, you have to be patient.

New York wasn’t built in one day, one week, or one year. In most cases, your SEO strategies may not show dividends until long after their implementation.

You might see some initial, exponential growth if you are starting at zero.

But in order to attain true and continuous growth, you’ll need to follow through on your action plan. Constant and consistent support will, most of the time, portend success (however marginal).

A big caveat to this: if your strategy involves money such as a PPC campaign, consulting expert advice is always recommended.

What are your favorite quick tips for a content marketing cheat sheet?

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