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Businesses Must use Content Marketing in 2017

Presumably, a young content marketing team making the most out of their Wordpress plugins | | Shutterstock

Presumably, a young content marketing team making the most out of their Wordpress plugins | | Shutterstock

Content marketing is the business world’s answer to the rise of social media and the development of the Internet of Things. It is a rapidly growing and changing industry. If you haven’t included content marketing in your plan for 2017, consider these points. They might change your mind.

Good Content Marketing Tailors Each Advertisement

Advertising is a constant in the business world. Whatever your product or service, people need to know about it and why they should want it, and the biggest place to attract the most people is the Internet. Between news, blogs, and social media, most people gravitate toward places with interesting content. This is how content marketing works its magic.

Take Facebook, for example. Advertising on Facebook gives you access to millions of potential customers. Placing your advertisements there is like buying a billboard on a major interstate.

Of course, content marketing goes much further than simply displaying an ad for people to see. By focusing on community groups and sub-groups, a good content marketer tailors a specific ad’s content to the interests of a specific group.

Speaking of customer groups, there is one simple fact that is helping shape the marketing landscape in 2017: most consumers browse content on mobile devices.

“The more valuable and consistent your content, the more visitors become customers.”

The World has Gone Mobile

Content marketing has adapted well to an increasingly mobile world. This helps businesses thrive. According to Smart Insights, mobile devices are ubiquitous enough to make up a significant percentage of online use.

Before the advent of the digital age, advertisements were designed to be seen when potential customers read a publication or happened to drive past a billboard. In this new landscape, consumers can scan new content anytime, day or night. To be successful, tune your content to appeal to this new medium. The more valuable and consistent your content, the more visitors become customers.

In basic terms, design advertisements for mobile accessibility. Think of content marketing as interior design for each store of a busy shopping mall. It is a content marketer’s job to make customers want to return.

Get on the Train Before it Leaves the Station

The success of content marketing firms has led to significant growth. New competitors will spring up in response. Prospective customers will have hundreds of content sites to choose from. Great content marketers will need to step up their game.

According to Forbes, content marketers are reporting more success than the previous year, and such success indicates a shift from conventional advertising. As users become accustomed to generalized advertisements, they avoid them.

According to a report by the marketing software company Marketo, 79 percent of businesses are now marketing using content in social media. 78 percent use articles that have something to do with their business on their own website.

Given the rise of mobile access, businesses benefit from content marketing. It has proven itself to be the new wave of advertisement, and any business looking to be successful in 2017 must take notice.

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