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Dare Mighty Things Conference: Agenda, Schedule, and Other Details

Dare Mighty Things Conference |

Dare Mighty Things Conference |

The Dare Mighty Things tech conference starts tomorrow, featuring talks with NASA’s Mars mission leader and Basecamp’s CEO. 

Dare Mighty Things Conference, dubbed by Inc. as one of the “8 Top Tech Conferences You Can’t Miss,” is happening tomorrow, November 3rd, at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago. It will be one of the most significant tech events this year with over 1,000 tech leaders, media, entrepreneur, and venture capitalists participants.

The event will feature some of the most inspiring stories from the world’s top influential innovators such as Basecamp Co-Founder and CEO, Jason Fried, Andy Grignon who helped Steve Jobs build the first iPhone, and Jordan Evans, NASA’s Mars 2020 Mission Leader. Hear their stories and learn how they overcame massive challenges to create breakthrough innovations.

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Previously known as Compute Midwest, Dare Mighty Things’s past speakers include Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian, iRobot Founder Rodney Brooks, former NASA CTO Chris Kemp, and former Makerbot CEO Jenny Lawton.

This year, the organizers invited 12 world-class speakers that will share their experiences and inspiring stories to create revolutionary technologies that are now shaping the future.

Dare Mighty Things: Speakers

Among the list of speakers that will share their insights and experiences on the stage of Dare Mighty Things conference is Vern Brownell, a quantum computing pioneer and current President and CEO of D-Wave.

Vern Brownell will be at the Dare Might Things Conference
Vern Brownell | D-Wave Systems |

According to his company profile, Brownell joined D-Wave in 2009, leading the company through its transition from research into one of the world’s leaders when it comes to the development and delivery of quantum computing systems and software.

Some of the first customers D-Wave secured under the leadership of Brownell were Lockheed Martin, NASA, Google, and Los Alamos National Laboratory. He was also able to obtain over $100 million in venture funding for D-Wave.

Before joining the D-Wave, Brownell founded Egenera, a pioneer of infrastructure virtualization. He also served as the Chief Technology Officer of Goldman Sachs where he and his staff of 1,300 were responsible for worldwide technology infrastructure.

Other influential people who will speak at the Dare Mighty Things Conference include:

  • Alex Knapp, Editor, Forbes
  • Jason Fried, Founder and CEO, Basecamp
  • Fitz Tepper, TechCrunch
  • Andy Grignon, Built the first iPhone for Steve Jobs
  • Jordan Evans, Leader, NASA Mars 2020 Mission
  • Melonee Wise, CEO, Fetch Robotics
  • Victor Luo, AR/VR Innovator, NASA
  • Devaki Raj, Co-Founder and CEO, CrowdAI
  • John Underkoffler, Co-Founder and CEO, Obong
  • Dr. Renee Wegrzyn, CRISPR ‘Safe Genes’ Program Leader, DARPA
  • Josh Krall, CTO and Co-Founder, Boom Supersonic

Dare Mighty Things: Agenda

  • The Future of Quantum Computing
  • The Future of Supersonic Travel
  • The Future of DNA Editing
  • The Future of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  • The Future of Mobile
  • Mars 2020: The Future of Mars Exploration
  • Fireside Chat: The Future of Artificial Intelligence
  • The Future of Robotics
  • Fireside Chat
  • The Future of UI and Gesture Interfaces
  • After Party

The Dare Mighty Things Conference will be hosted at the Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University in Chicago. To know more about the event, you can go here.

Will you be attending the Dare Mighty Things Conference in Chicago? If yes, let us know your expectations in the comment section below!

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