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DeleteMe - A New Way to Protect Your Privacy Online

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Are you wondering how to protect your online privacy? DeleteMe may be just what you need.

Online privacy is one of the hottest topics in 2019, and that’s not surprising. People are starting to worry about privacy and the use of their personal information.

In a survey, roughly 80 percent of the social media users expressed concerns about how advertisers access the data they share on social media platforms. Also, 64 percent of the participants said that the government should do more to regulate advertisers.

Between the search engines and social networking sites, you probably have loads of personal data are floating around the web. These include your phone numbers, social media handle, and even your home address.

But, what if you could remove it all at once. That’s right; you could scrub the web of all personal data in one stroke.

That’s where DeleteMe comes in.

What is DeleteMe?

As the name implies, DeleteMe will help remove your data from search results. Built and run by Abine, Inc., the easy-to-use service essentially gives you control of your personal information.

For example, you can use the service to remove your personal information from sites like


These data broker sites are the sources of the constant intrusion of spam calls and emails in your life.

How DeleteMe Works

To remove your personal information from search results, first, you must submit the specific information to DeleteMe. These include current and past addresses, date of birth, aliases, among others.

Next, a team of experts would scour the internet for the data and remove it.

Deleting your information from the internet is not a one-time action. DeleteMe removes your information every three months. However, you’ll receive detailed information about the activities in seven business days.

With that said, the service is not free. Depending on your payment plan, other services from DeleteMe could include:

  • Quarterly checkups
  • Support service
  • A dedicated DeleteMe operator
  • Personalized protection plans
  • Regular removal checkups

So, who can benefit from DeleteMe?

The service is ideal for anyone uncomfortable with having their personal information displayed and sold online publicly. If you’re facing threats from stalkers, exes, or have issues with scammers, then DeleteMe is right for you.

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