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Discover all the Biggest Launches From CES Las Vegas Right now

James Mattil |

James Mattil |

CES is a massive consumer electronic expo, and it’s happening in Las Vegas this weekend. Here’s a brief rundown on some of the tech that will be on display:

Innovative Control Systems at CES

Voice control is a hot topic this year, with giants like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google duking it out to see whose digital assistant platform will wow the most people.

Amazon is going to be showing off Alexa in a few devices, from wireless earphones to a table lamp/speaker powered by Amazon’s voice service.

Google’s bringing some of their tech to display at the show. The Aviva speaker, which will come equipped with a touch screen and Google Assistant, may attract many with its sleek design and advanced cloud-based intelligence.

Another interesting entry comes from French start-up Bixi, who has developed a glowing pad that allows you to control your smartphone or tablet by waving your hand above it.

New Robotics

Emotech is a company from London who will be displaying a tabletop bot that can adapt to multiple users. It’s called Olly, and it can change its personality to suit different members of your household.

Other bots are going for a more modular design, such as Unibot. Unibot functions as a vacuum cleaner, security camera, and air purifier/humidifier all in one.

There will be many notable modular robots at CES 2017, including Lego style kits and robot companions.

If you hate laundry and have a lot of room in your house, then you’ll be excited to hear about the Laundroid, a giant, clothes-folding machine.

Wearables and Health Tech

Pregnancy is popular among health tech companies this year.

Ava is a sensor-equipped wristband that alerts women to when they are most fertile. The device’s male counterpart, Trakfertility, is a DIY sperm count test that helps owners boost their numbers to aid conception efforts.

Another interesting medical tech is reaching for the Tricorder with gadgets like the TytoHome, which is designed to let families take readings on internal organs to send to clinicians for analysis.

Among the wearables will be ActiveProtective‘s smart belt and Inemotion‘s ski racing clothes, both devices using built-in airbags to aid the elderly and protect skiers, respectively.

Wair gives a different perspective to discreet wearable tech with its internet-connected scarf/air filter.

TV Tech

You can’t have a consumer electronics show without television making an appearance. The focus this year is still on OLED (organic light-emitting diode) TVs. The tech has faced a few drawbacks, but companies like Panasonic have been working to overcome those disadvantages, and their latest attempt will be on full display.

Expect the other TV developers to be showing off their latest tech, especially Samsung’s QLED screen. We may be facing another format war as televisions strive to improve HDR, or high dynamic range.

Smart Home Solutions

Sensors and wireless links are cheap to produce now, so there are bound to be plenty of useful devices that integrate your home into the internet of things. Do note that usefulness may be in the eye of the beholder.

Take Genican, for example. It scans the barcodes of things that you throw away to create a shopping list for replacements.

Or the AromaCare, which is a smartphone-controlled aromatherapy diffuser that can change the smell of a room using an app.


VR dropped in 2016 with a less-than-impressive commercial splash, but that isn’t because the technology isn’t astounding. VR developers are expected to unveil new products and even possible upgrades to the newly expanding VR market.

Keep an eye on Microsoft. ;They’re projected to disclose some information after they made it clear in October that firms were working on Windows 10 compatible VR headsets.

VR is also getting a control upgrade this year, with companies like Fove that are making an eye-tracking headset that allows users to control the action with a glance.

Intel is expected to give more info on Project Alloy, a headset that renders real-world objects within VR landscapes.

Smart-Driving Transport

Self-driving cars may still take a few years to get to market, but that doesn’t mean that CES won’t be full of prototypes and concepts on display, such as the Rinspeed.

Other vehicle tech include this concept by BMW that looks like something out of a Marvel movie with its HoloActiv Touch system.

The CES is happening this week only so be sure to keep an ear out for tech news this weekend!

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