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DuckDuckGo Now Serves Quick Answers in Search Results

Ricky Of The World /

Ricky Of The World /

DuckDuckGo now provides quick answers on its search results page, and some users already prefer the experience to Google‘s featured snippets.

Google’s featured snippets have been around since 2013 as “Quick Answers.” While the feature has evolved over the years, the function remains the same: provide quick access to answers.

Now, DuckDuckGo has replicated the feature on both mobile and desktop versions of its privacy-focused search engine. And users already love it.

In a Twitter post, CEO of a content marketing company, Siege Media, Ross Hudgens said:

“DuckDuckGo recently added quick answers. This is a better experience for users, and kudos to them for putting the website URL at the top, unlike Google.”

While the company hasn’t issued an official statement on the feature, here’s what we know so far.

Comparing DuckDucko’s Quick Answers With Google’s Featured Snippet

Screenshot of DuckDuckGo's Answer Box
Screenshot of DuckDuckGo’s Answer Box

While Google collects information from various websites for its featured snippet, DuckDuckGo provides answers to “How To” queries using a single source: WikiHow.

This led to speculations that WikiHow must have some type of exclusivity arrangement with the privacy-focused search engine.

Reports also suggest that DDG serves quick answers more than Google. For example, typing the query “how to tie a tie” would bring up an answer box on the search engine.

Meanwhile, on Google, the same query could result in instructional videos and images. Of course, answers could vary with the individual.

Finally, DuckDuckGo’s answer box is expandable. That means users can click on the box to see the full content, regardless of how lengthy it may be.

On the other hand, Google featured snippet only provides a portion of the content. Searchers still have to visit the publisher’s site to get the full story.

In the end, the quick answers feature is a useful addition to the search engine’s search result. It shows how committed the DuckDuckGo is to improving the searchers’ experience.

They have one ad, prioritize credit to the publisher, and their product is getting better,” says Hudgens. “We’re rooting for you DDG!”

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