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Elexirr Technologies Uses AI to Give Legal Advice, Connect Clients and Firms

Antonio Guillem |

Antonio Guillem |

There is no doubt that in terms of research and development, AI is considered as one of the most progressive technological research and development fields.

From tech giants to fledgling startups, recent events have shown how this technology can reshape the future.

The bigger companies are taking that a step further.

Take Google, for example, which is investing not just in their own machine learning research programs, but on different startups involved in the development of AI as well.

Engineers and researchers are continuously finding ways to integrate artificial intelligence in our day to day lives despite abstract fears of the coming robot apocalypse.

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Artificial intelligence typically stirrs thoughts of proto-sentient robotic homonids that either break down over existential considerations or, more frighteningly, engineer a robot conquest of humanity.

The truth is that AI applications these days are limited, very specific, and luckily for us, extremely useful.

Artificial Intelligence Breakthroughs

AI is now being developed to be used in the fields of medicine, transportation, computing, and many more. Aside from that, it is also now being used by some companies in handling logistics, even for smaller businesses.

You might have heard of DoorDash and Betterhelp. Both companies have adopted and developed AI technologies that would make it easier for them to accommodate their clients.

For instance, the DoorDash AI helps customers of the food delivery startup to find the best restaurants to satisfy their cravings–it also specializes in prioritizing the preferences of even the pickiest eaters.

Betterhelp, on the other hand, uses AI technology to assist their clients in finding the best therapist that will cater to their counseling needs.

Now, the landscape of legal consultation services is about to change, thanks to Elexirr bot.

Elexirr: The Future of Legal Consultation and Services

In fall of 2016, Elexirr, known then as LawBot, was created by Ludwig Bull, a Cambridge law student, together with his course mates Rebecca Agliolo, Jozef Maruscak, and Nadia Abdul to help provide free legal counseling to students.

From left to Right: Ludwig Bull, Rebecca Agliolo, Nadia Abdul, Josef Maruscak | LawBot
From left to Right: Ludwig Bull, Rebecca Agliolo, Nadia Abdul, Josef Maruscak | LawBot

Bull, in an article published by The Guardian, explained that his original impetus for the project came from the alarming sexual assault figures in the United Kingdom. He said:

“Sexual assault was the first kind of offense we dealt with. Much confusion surrounds the nature of consent. Individuals may feel as though they have been assaulted, but not actually be sure of their legal position.”

The team of students then launched the beta version of the bot assistant that went live for four months. At that time, the LawBot tool covered 26 serious criminal offenses which include theft and both violent and sexual assault. It was reported that the pilot launch was a success and the tool has been used by over 2,500 people and received 20,000 bot interactions.

Lawbot Interface during its pilot launch. | Image source credit to The Guardian |
Lawbot Interface during its pilot launch. | Image source credit to The Guardian |
Fast forward to the present, the startup has made some excellent progress and just recently launched Elexirr bot on Facebook Messenger.

Elexirr Bot: How it Works and #LawyerChallenge Explained

LawBot adopted a new name and is now known as Elexirr. Their chatbot which provides free legal counseling to people is now available on Facebook messenger.
Elixis - Elixirr's legal service bot
Elexis – Elexirr’s legal service bot

The machine learning and intelligent UX design of the Elexirr bot are guaranteed to give users a seamless conversation experience. Any user can discuss their legal issue with the chatbot and answer relevant follow up questions that it may have.
Based on the information that will be provided by the users, the bot will analyze and calculate their chances of winning a claim with an astounding 71% accuracy.

The Elexirr bot can predict case outcomes “71% of the time for all areas of law and all common law jurisdictions.” 

Currently, the company is already working on their next generation deep learning model with a goal to break 80% accuracy.

To prove that 71% is not just a mere figure, Elexirr is being put to the ultimate test, as Elexirr will challenge London’s Top Lawyers in a battle of predictions. This September, the company will be hosting the #ElexirrLawyerChallenge in London.
Both the Elexirr bot and the lawyers will be given factual and legal descriptions of real legal problems that have a known outcome. The goal of the challenge is to have each side predict the result of the legal case as accurately as possible. Of course, as with any competition, the side which gets the most cases right will win. The event will also have a live broadcast for the public to see

In the future, the startup is looking forward to matching users with law firms which can expedite the process of finding a lawyer to represent an Elexirr user in court.

Elexirr Technologies: Elexirr Enterprise Features

Under Elexirr Enterprise, users can choose between two products: Legal Network and Corporate Analytics.

After the matching algorithm has been implemented, the Legal Network will give users and businesses the option to be added to Elexirr’s online database. This database will contain all transcripts of client conversations, predicted outcomes, and certain demographics, and will enable law firms and lawyers to connect with ideal clients and vice versa.

Through Legal Network, Elexirr will help law firms get better lead generation by having an account that will let them view, contact, and delete clients. The matching algorithm will select users based on characteristics supplied by the law firm, including location, budget and practice area.

The algorithm will produce the matching results based on the “increasingly accurate understanding of what type of clients each firm can help best.”

The next feature is Corporate Analytics. This product will be offered by Elexirr to private companies in or considering litigation.

Using a K-fold cross validation with a K-factor of 10, Elexirr’s outcome prediction comes at 71% accuracy. Each analysis takes into consideration all case features including the facts, profiles of the parties to the dispute, and legal problem.

This analytics tool can significantly help law firms and companies prepare and win their cases. In the words of Rebecca Agliolo, Marketing Director of Elexirr:

“The success of our initial pilot project demonstrated a gap in the legal services market for an automation of the initial triage process. Our new service provides both a tool for law firms and a service for users. For firms, conversation becomes conversion; for users, the question of whether and how to seek representation is expedited.”

When would you consult an AI lawyer for advice regarding your legal issue? Let us know in the comment section below!

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