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New Energizer Smartphone Packed with 18,000mAh Battery

The new Energizer smartphone Power Max P18K Pop | Energizer

The new Energizer smartphone Power Max P18K Pop | Energizer

As the world’s leading smartphone and gadget makers convene at MWC 2019 to show off their foldable phones and 5G-enabled consumer techs, battery maker Energizer is going in the opposite direction. The new Energizer smartphone just stole the limelight at MWC with its massive 18,000mAh battery.

Energizer’s Power Max P18K Pop smartphone is the successor of the company’s Power Max P16K Pro, a 16,000mAh battery-equipped mobile phone unveiled at MWC last year.

To put it in perspective, the P18K Pop’s battery is five times larger than those found on smartphones in the market today. With this massive power source, a user can watch videos non-stop for 48 hours, listen to 100 hours worth of music, or talk with anyone for 90 hours. If not in use, the phone’s battery can last for 50 days.

Energizer Power Max P16K Pro |
Energizer Power Max P16K Pro |

The Energizer Smartphone

The Energizer smartphone showcased at MWC sports a dark blue finish with a thickness measuring 18mm. Aesthetically, it’s not as pretty or sophisticated-looking as the other phone models unveiled at MWC, but looks more like a power bank with a screen.

The Power Max P18K Pop has a 6.2-inch LCD display and really thin bezels. It has no notch or cutout for a selfie camera so you can maximize the screen if you’re watching videos or playing games.

But, where’s the front-facing camera?

Well, the Energizer smartphone has a pop-up or sliding module that contains the two selfie cameras. Meaning, they will remain hidden unless you use them.

Energizer smartphone Power Max P18K Pop
Energizer Power Max P18K Pop’s pop-up front-facing camera | Energizer

Under its hood, the P18K Pop houses a 2GHz MediaTek processor, 128 GB of storage, and 6 GB of RAM. It runs on Android 9 and has fast charging capabilities through USB-C cable.

How fast is fast charging for an 18,000mAh battery-equipped phone?

According to Energizer, it would take about 8 hours to charge the device fully. Also, aside from powering itself, the P18K Pop can also double as power bank which means you can use it to charge other mobile devices.

The Power Max P18K Pop will be available for purchase this June and will cost a little over $650 USD.

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