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Engineer Implants RFID Chip of Model 3 Keycard Into Her Arm

Image courtesy of Amie DD Youtube Channel

Image courtesy of Amie DD Youtube Channel

Unlike most cars, Tesla Model 3 doesn’t use a physical key. Instead, users can unlock the car and turn it on using their car-shaped key fob, smartphone, or the Model 3 keycard.

But one Model 3 owner, Amie Danielle Dansby, popularly known as Amie DD, found a new way to ensure she could always unlock and start her car anytime.

She embedded the RFID tag of her Model 3 keycard into her forearm.

In other words, the software engineer and self-proclaimed “maker of things” turned her arm into an actual keycard.

Implanting Model 3 Keycard Chip

In a video, Amie DD explained how she had implanted an RFID tag into her hand a few years ago to open her home’s front door. She also used the implant to access her website through her smartphone’s browser.

So, when the software engineer pre-ordered her Model 3 and heard that the keycard was RFID-based technology, she thought she could enjoy a similar access control with the car.

But, it wasn’t that simple.

Amie DD quickly realized how secure the Tesla keycard was when she tried to transfer the information to her chip. So, she did the next best thing:

Extract the Model 3 keycard chip and implant that into her arm.

For the next part, Amie dissolved the keycard in acetone to get the chip out, before encapsulating it in a biopolymer. Then, she visited a body-modification studio to implant the chip in her arm.

The software engineer showed off her implantation in another video and described the whole process on Hackaday.

Following the procedure, her arm got swollen. And as a result, she hasn’t shown the chip in action. However, Amie told The Verge that the chip does work, even though the range “isn’t the greatest.”

Her arm had to be within less than an inch or about 25 mm of the console to get the chip to work. But, she hopes that the distance would increase as the swelling goes down.

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