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Engineers Unveil Special Road Noise Cancellation Technology



Engineers at Hyundai have unveiled a new noise cancellation technology that’ll take in-car quietness to the next level. The auto-company is claiming that its technology is the first of its kind.

Noise cancellation has become a fundamental part of modern-day vehicles. This is especially true in hybrids and vehicles whose internal combustion engine uses an unconventional firing sequence.

However, Hyundai’s new project tackles another form of noise, and that’s the type that comes from outside the vehicle.

Highway traffic noise typically ranges from 70 to 80 decibels, depending on the vehicle and its speed on the road. For example, a Porsche 911 GT3 RS produces 78dB at 100kph on a tarmac road.

Meanwhile, previous studies have linked exposure to noise louder than 55 decibels with an increased risk of stroke and a shorter life. So, active noise cancellation is an essential technology in the transition to electric motoring, says Hyundai.

The technology uses sound coming through a vehicle’s speaker to negate the external disturbances. Along with the surface noise, the tech cancells out the engine noise to provide a significantly quieter cabin.

Here’s how it works?

How the New Noise Cancellation Technology Works

The unique noise cancellation uses lightweight components, as well as accelerometers near each wheel, to track vibrations from the road. It then transmits the data back to the car.

Using the information, the vehicle generates and plays an inverse signal through the stereo to cancel out the noise within 0.0002 seconds. According to Hyundai, this makes the system more responsive to the changing road noise sound than microphones.

The complex algorithm allows for a quieter cabin, which includes the passenger’s seat, as well as the back seat.

In a test with varying speed, seating positions, and road surfaces, Hyundai noted a 3 percent reduction in cabin noise. Based on the logarithmic scale that decibels are measured, that’s a whopping 50 percent reduction in road noise.

With that said, Hyundai is not the first auto-company to focus on road noise cancellation. Toyota and Ford have reportedly implemented a similar technology using microphones.

Hyundai’s patent on the said technology is currently under review. However, the company confirmed that the system would be rolled out in its upcoming Genesis model.

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