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Everything Google Pixel 2: Where to Watch Event, Details, and Live Coverage

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We watched the Google product announcement in San Francisco where the company unveiled the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones, Google Lens, new Daydream View VR equipment, new Google Home mini, Google Home Max, Google Pixel Buds, Google Clips, a Pixelbook, and a comprehensive inclusion of AI in every device.

Here are some leaks from earlier in the week to get you caught up.

We hope you watched the event alongside us in this post. Now it’s our archive of the best of Google’s announcements.

Event Started at 9:00am PDT 10/4/17.

Where to Watch:

Here’s the YouTube link.

Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL:

Google Pixel 2
Google Pixel 2
Google Pixel 2
Google Pixel 2
  • Bluetooth 5.0 support
  • available in two sizes (5″ and 6″ XL)
  • colors available: Pixel 2: kinda blue, just black, and clearly white Pixel 2 XL: just black, and black and white
  • Pixel 2 XL screen is pOLED QHD+ 18:9, circular polarizers
  • both phones Daydream and VR ready
  • on device ML (data not sent to Google)
  • newly optimized screens that always keep search bar even when swiping through apps and widgets
  • Squeezing the phone activates Google Assistant
  • Phones can broadcast to smart home devices
  • Onboard assistant can finally manage podcasts.
  • Pixel 2 $649 Preorder 10/4
  • Pixel 2 XL $849 Preorder 10/4
  • Comes with a free Google Home Mini

Google Lens

Google Lens

Pick up text, images, and tidbits from the world around you and combine it with Google AI to extrapolate details.

  • 95% accurate at recognizing objects even in noisy images.

Google AR and ARCore

Google Pixel 2 |
  • AR Stickers to play with (add characters from shows, sports, and more into the world around you)
  • Games like League of Legends available
  • 60fps rendering

Pixel 2 Camera

  • Highest score of any smartphone camera (98 on DXOMARK Mobile)
  • Dual pixel recognition (each pixel has two perspectives captured)
  • Portrait mode available on both sides of camera
  • For video, fuze video stabilization can correct capture during and after videos are taken
  • 4K HD

Google Clips

Google Clips
Google Clips
  • ML enhanced camera that takes photos for you (aimed at capturing candid photos)
  • Allows you to be in the moment as the camera learns how to capture the best moments.
  • $249 USD preorder 10/4

Google Home Updates:

Google Smart Sound, Google Home Max

Google Smart Sound
  • 20 times more powerful than Google Home’s speaker
  • can adapt sound balance to the room and your preferences using ML
  • over time adapts to changes in environment (lower volume in the morning, higher volume during chores, etc.)
  • supports Spotify, Google Play Music, and more
  • Supports Cast, analog input, and more
  • Google Assistant can hear you even when volume is super high
  • Max adapts to whereever its positioned
  • Available December 1st for $399 USD with a free 12 month YouTube Red subscription

Google Family Link

Google Broadcast now allows you to broadcast a message to all of the Google Home devices in your house.

By creating kid accounts, kids can manage their own data via Google Home.

Google Home can help kids learn by:

  • telling stories
  • playing games
  • playing music

Google is Working With Nest Smart Home Devices

Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini

  • available for order starting October 4th, 2017
  • 360 degree sound
  • new hands-free calling considers context
  • smaller than a donut
  • has assistant, maps, calendar, and music

Google Daydream View and VR:

Google Daydream VR
Google Daydream VR
  • New free video content
  • 250+ new VR titles available at launch
  • $99 USD

Google Pixel Buds:

Google Pixel Buds
Google Pixel Buds
  • Real-time translation feature (works with 40 languages)
  • can control Assistant with Buds only
  • case holds multiple charges (24hrs worth)
  • colors: clearly white, kinda blue, and just black
  • $159 USD preorder 10/4

Google Pixelbook:

Google Pixelbook
  • 10mm thick
  • 1kg weight
  • 12.3″ display
  • Quad HD LCD
  • backlit keys (AI helps lower palm rejection, more)
  • i5 and i7 Intel processors
  • 16mb RAM
  • 10hrs of charge
  • automatically tethers to your phone when Wi-Fi goes off
  • automatic, multi-layered security and updates. Backsup to Google Drive.
  • Google Assistant is built in
  • $999 USD Preorders begin today, available October 24th.

Snapchat is available on Pixelbook and is designing a custom display for the device.

Pixelbook Pen

Pixelbook Pen
Pixelbook Pen

Circle photos, text, or video and Google Assistant will automatically offer additional information and links.

  • 10ms latency
  • 60 degrees of angular awareness
  • 2,000+ levels of pressure sensitivity
  • $99 USD Preorders begin today, available October 24th.

Live Updates:

10:10am PDT: 

Pixel 2 Google Assistant can control podcasts… Finally.

9:58am PDT: 

Mario Queiroz on stage to announce Google Pixel 2 and other smartphones.

9:49am PDT: 

Google Pixelbook

Pixelbook announced.

9:45am PDT: 

Diplo in a video promoting Google Home Max.

9:37am PDT: 

New kid accounts on Google Home means Google is paying attention to the little ones now, too. It can play games, tunes, and actually entertain kids (until they throw it across the room).

9:35am PDT: 

The Nest/Home collaboration is really taking the smart home to the next level.

9:34am PDT: 

Google | Nest Hello

You can use Assistant to control Nest home security, including by streaming video feeds through Google connected devices. Nest Hello can recognize who is at your front door, and Google Home devices will notify you.

9:32am PDT: 

Rishi says Assistant works with 1,000+ smart home products from over 100 brands. Will work with Nest thermostats.

9:30am PDT: 

Rishi back on to talk about how Assistant has gotten better. New routines and new actions for multiple users. Just by saying “good morning,” Google will help you initiate your morning routine.

9:27am PDT: 

Google Home Mini

Isabelle announces the Google Home Mini. Says it will be more useful in more places for more people. New 360 sound and it can be connected to any Chromecast speaker to pump it up a bit. Three colors available: coral, chalk, and charcoal.

9:25am PDT: 

Isabelle Olson is the lead designer for home. She’s on stage.

9:24am PDT: 

Combining other services like maps and search, Google Home can take cues to enhance hands-free calling.

9:23am PDT: 

“With your permission” Google Home has learned from over 50 million unique voices.

Voice Match | Google

9:21am PDT: 

Rishi Chandra comes on to talk about Google Home.

9:18am PDT: 

Rick says Pixel’s AI helps correct videos and pictures. So far, that’s the same tune as Apple. Also, Pixel (while I love it) takes awful photos.

9:17am PDT:

Rick laments that new smartphones are basically all the same. Could Google’s really be that different?

9:16am PDT: 

Google WiFi the #1 selling mesh router in US and Canada. Google Assistant can answer 100 million + new questions.

9:15am PDT: 

Google is enjoying the feedback from their 2016 devices as they tease the newest line.

9:12am PDT:

Rick Osterloh comes on stage.

9:10am PDT: Auto ML: Google’s AI platform that builds its own ML platforms while being curated by Google AI scientists.

google auto ml
Google Auto ML

9:05am PDT: Sundar Pichai is talking about how they are using AI to make multiple products and services better, including Google Street View.

“Computers should adapt to how people live their lives.”

4 core attributes:

  1. People should be able to converse with AI.
  2. AI and computing should be ambient “there when you need it.”
  3. AI should be thoughtfully contextual. I.e. for a gym rat in a new city, Google will have the right gyms ready for you.
  4. AI should learn and adapt constantly.

Feel free to comment along with your impressions of Google’s newest devices!

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  1. Rechelle Ann Fuertes October 05 at 3:28 am GMT

    Great coverage! I don’t know if it’s just me, but the Google Home Mini looks like a rock and the Google Home Max looks like a bar of soap. Google seriously needs a new team of designers. Most people today are not just after the functionalities, they go after aesthetics as well. Especially if it’s a product that would be on display in a home or office. XD

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