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Facebook Live Broadcast Now Supports 50-Person Group Chat

William Iven /

William Iven /

Live streams have become more popular than ever due to the current pandemic.

According to Facebook, live broadcasts from Pages doubled in June 2020, compared to last year. Many now use Facebook Live as a sort of virtual venue from couples exchanging vows to local zoos hosting safari tours.

There’s just one limitation. Since only two accounts can stream on Facebook Live, other groups of people can’t broadcast from a distance.

To fix this issue, the social media company decided to bring its Messenger Rooms and Facebook Live together. Messenger Rooms are drop-in video calls that enable causal conversations with friends and audiences who share similar interests.

Facebook executives wrote in their blog post announcement:

“Today, we’re introducing a new way to broadcast live to Facebook from Messenger Rooms. Turning your room into a Facebook Live broadcast makes it easy to go live with up to 50 people.”

Here’s how the Messenger Rooms Live Broadcasts work.

Using the new Facebook Live Broadcast Feature

Room creators can now broadcast their room to a Profile, Page or Group, and invite as much as 50 people to tune in.

It begins with creating the Messenger Room, then making it invite-only. After that, invite other participants to join the room, then broadcast live via a Facebook page.

Like any other live stream on Facebook, individuals who see the broadcast in their news feed can click to tune in. However, the room creator controls everything. These include:

  • Adding or removing participants
  • Broadcasting to a profile, page or group
  • Locking or unlocking a room

Facebook notes that it may collect and review audio and video from the broadcast to ensure that it meets Community Standards. “We encourage viewers to report any live video that they believe violates our Community Standards.”

The social media giant is currently rolling out the feature to specific countries on Facebook and Messenger.

However, it should soon expand to all the countries where Messenger Rooms is available. It also includes the Facebook and Messenger mobile app and Messenger desktop app.

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