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Facebook Rolls out Dedicated Shopping tab Within the App

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William Iven /

The COVID-19 pandemic saw many consumers shifting from physical shopping to online shopping. According to a YouGov survey, people are generally avoiding crowded public places.

As a result, fewer people go to shopping centers and malls, resulting in more people shopping online. A recent estimate suggests that 85 percent of people worldwide now rely on the internet to make purchases.

Expectedly, online shopping platforms have introduced new features in response to the massive shift.

Back in July, Facebook introduced Instagram Shop for businesses. It’s a shopping destination on the photo-sharing app where people can find and purchase products from creators and brands.

A similar version of the Shop feature is now available on Facebook. Like the Instagram Shop, Facebook Shop also creates a new way to shop for products on the Facebook app.

In a blog post announcement, the social media giant wrote:

“Today, we’re introducing Facebook Shop, a new place to discover businesses and shop for products in the Facebook app. We’re expanding checkout on Instagram to all U.S. businesses and creators.”

There’s more

About Facebook’s Dedicated Shopping Tab

According to Facebook, all eligible businesses in the U.S. will be able to use Facebook Shops. What’s more, it comes with additional customization features as well as insights for measuring results.

These include a real-time preview of collections and the ability to create Shops for new sellers automatically. There’s also a new design layout for featuring new products in Shops.

Besides introducing the shopping tab, Facebook is also rolling out Instagram Checkout for businesses in the U.S.

The announcement reads:

“In the coming weeks, all eligible sellers in the U.S. will be able to start using checkout on Instagram. Checkout makes it easy for people to make a purchase in just a few taps, without leaving the app. “

With that said, Instagram Checkout is only available to businesses that have Facebook Shops and use Facebook Commerce Manager.

However, the tech giant noted that brands that use BigCommerce or Shopify are also eligible. It also promised to bring support to more platforms soon.

Finally, a new messaging feature makes it easy for users to communicate with businesses across all of Facebook’s social platforms. These include Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram Direct.

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