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Meet FAIRR: The Trillion Dollar Coalition Revolutionizing the Food Industry

With some of the biggest investors in food behind their organization, FAIRR is set to revolutionize the world of food. | momente |

With some of the biggest investors in food behind their organization, FAIRR is set to revolutionize the world of food. | momente |

By 2050, the world population is projected to reach around 10 billion.

Going in tandem with the growing global population is the rising pressures on the planet’s resources.

The world can theoretically feed an extra 3.5 billion people if we only directly use the calories that are otherwise lost to feed animals.

As the world’s largest user of land resources, livestock farming has a significant carbon footprint.

Deep changes in the global food system, mainly through a drastic reduction of animal products, is essential to mitigate the effects of climate change.

To help people switch to a diet that’s less reliant on resource-intensive animal agriculture, many movements are arising to encourage alternative diets or even synthetically grown products.

Meanwhile, FAIRR, a powerful investor network, is working to change the food industry from the inside.

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FAIRR: Profit-Driven, Greener Food Industry

In 2015, Jeremy Coller, CIO of Coller Capital Ltd., established FAIRR, the Farm Animal Investment Risk & Return initiative.

The FAIRR initiative is a coalition gathering dozens of investors who collectively manage $6.5 trillion in assets.

The organization’s aim is to make capitalists aware of the material impacts that factory farming could have on their investments.

To reduce factory farming, FAIRR thinks that “intensive livestock production poses material risks to the global financial system and hinders sustainable development.”

Although FAIRR’s reasons are mainly financial, the long-term effects of its action would be huge for the world.

Coller doesn’t mince his words when it comes to explaining the motives behind FAIRR’s foundation and action.

“FAIRR is totally about materiality, not morality,” said Coller.

You can’t blame a good sense of business, especially when it connects with a sustainable greater good.

Allied Market Research forecasts the meat substitute market to grow 8.4% annually over the coming years until it reaches $5.2 billion globally by 2020.

As to the organization’s ability to change things, Coller thinks that because their members hold large stocks in grocery chains and food manufacturers, they can say “We own you”.

FAIRR works to ensure that its investor members have the environmental and social information about supply chains they need to inform their decisions.

In this regard, the FAIRR Protein Producer Index is the “world’s first comprehensive assessment” of the global protein producers on environmental, social and governance issues.

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