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Five Promising new Smart Home Devices at CES 2018

Zhu Difeng |

Zhu Difeng |

CES 2018 is now on its 3rd day, and as expected, the tech event showcased some of the newest smart home devices from the biggest names in the electronics industry.

CES 2018 is almost done, but the tech hype is far from over as companies from different corners of the world exhibit their best products and creations. Of course, the latest smart home devices from some of the biggest names in electronics didn’t fail to catch the interest of the public.

Among the hundreds of devices that are currently on display at CES, here are five of the most promising smart devices that we should all look forward to this year.

1. LG ThinQ Smart Speaker

The past year saw the likes of Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple HomePod dominating the smart speaker scene. Now, the three tech giants must level up their games as the South Korean electronics company, LG, enters the arena.

On Monday, LG revealed its ThinQ smart speaker (WK7) that will be powered by Google Assistant. Initially announced back in December, the company unveiled more details about its latest electronic venture at CES.

LG ThinQ Smart Speaker
ThinQ Smart Speaker | TechDependent |

According to LG, WK7 will have a built-in Chromecast and would offer Meridian Audio technology. The latter only means that LG’s smart speaker will sport high-fidelity audio capabilities and a more improved voice clarity.

As opposed to Google’s smart home devices, WK7 will be delivering an impressive 24-bit/ 192kHz Hi-Resolution Audio together with 24-bit up-sampling to sharpen unclear details and nuances for each track.

The release date for LG ThinQ is yet to be revealed.

2. Hogar Milo Smart Speaker

From smart home devices’ creator Hogar Controls, another intelligent speaker that will give Amazon, Google, and Apple a run for their money is Milo. Apparently, this newcomer has finally done what the three tech giants failed to accomplish: be a real smart home hub!

Milo Smart Speaker
Milo Smart Speaker | Hogar

Currently, Google Home and Amazon Echo have WiFi and Bluetooth. However, the two lack Zigbee and Z-Wave, two mesh networks that use low-energy radio waves which enable wireless control of smart devices. Because of this, you need to buy a separate hub that you can command using a smart speaker. But, that’s not a problem anymore with Milo.

At $149 USD, Milo is a speaker equipped with Z-Wave, Zigbee, WiFi, Bluetooth, and even infrared. Hogar plans to start selling Milo to the public in March. Aside from that, a separate controller called Pebble will be sold by the company for $49 USD.

3. JBL Link View Speaker

World-renowned audio electronics manufacturer JBL just revealed another addition to its fleet of Google Assistant speakers, the Link View Speaker. The View sports not only 2 by 10 W speakers and a rear-facing passive radiator, but it also has an 8 inches touchscreen display that shows all the Assistant interactions like weather and calendar. The device can also be used to make Duo video calls with its 5-megapixel front-facing camera.

Link View Speaker
Link View Speaker | JBL

Other features of the Link View include a built-in Chromecast, Bluetooth, WiFi, and IPX4 splash-proof protection. While the price of View is yet to be announced, JBL already confirmed that they would start shipping the product on the U.S. this summer.

4. Kohler Konnect and Smart Bathroom Range

While most smart home devices available today are created for display or use in the kitchen, bedroom, or living room, Kohler made a surprising product reveal at CES 2018.

Yesterday, the American luxury bathroom fixture manufacturer unveiled its very own smart home platform, Kohler Konnect together with its range of smart bathroom products. The Kohler Konnect enables some of its products to communicate with HomeKit and other smart home platforms.

Konnect includes voice control that allows users to operate kitchen faucet or toilet, change bathroom lighting, run the shower, fill a bath to a specific depth, and manage other smart home devices. Kohler’s system is said to run on Microsoft Azure cloud platform and supports both Amazo Alexa and Google Assistant for automation and voice commands.

On the other hand, the star of Kohler’s smart bathroom range is the Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror which the company claims to be the first of its kind. The mirror has dual microphones, sealed stereo speakers, LED lights, motion-activated nightlight, and access to numerous Alexa functionalities.

Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror
Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror | Kohler

Aside from Verdera, there’s the DTV+ Showering System that can be controlled by voice commands, toilet with a motion sensor for touchless flushing, and the PerfectFill Kit capable of automatically filling a bath to specific temperature and depth.

DTV+ Showering System
DTV+ Showering System | GadgetFlow |

Kohler Konnect and the company’s range of smart bathroom devices are expected to be released later this year.

5. Ring Security Cameras and Alarms

Ring, the U.S.-based security and smart home devices maker has also showcased its newest products at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. Its latest offerings include cameras, lighting products, and alarms.

For starters, Ring introduced two cameras, the Stick Up Cam and the Stick Up Cam Elite. The Elite model comes with upgraded video capture, two-way audio, and advanced motion sensors with zone detection feature.

Stick Up Cam Elite, one of Ring's newest smart home devices
Stick Up Cam Elite, one of Ring’s newest smart home devices | Ring

On the other hand, the Stick Up Cam features some of the functionalities of the Elite version. However, instead of the motion sensors, the Stick Up Cam is equipped with passive infrared sensors. It is also compatible with the Solar Panel Charger that was released together with first Video Doorbell.

Furthermore, with Ring’s acquisition of the Mr. Beams, a LED lighting company, comes its new lighting products. Apparently, the new lights will be integrated into the Ring app, as well as the security cameras and doorbells.

Lastly, Ring’s alarm system was also revealed at CES. Dubbed as the Ring Protect Security Kit home alarm system, it was initially announced back in October, but the company was then slapped by ADT with a lawsuit that prevented it from selling the product. However, the company said it would start shipping the product this spring, and the package will include a keypad, base station, contact sensor, passive infrared sensor, and a Z-Wave extender.

What other smart home devices revealed in CES do you think have better potentials than the rest? Let us know your top picks in the comment section below!

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