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Flipboard Extends its Video Service, Flipboard TV, to all Users

Flipboard Logo

Flipboard Logo

Earlier in the year, Flipboard launched a curated video service that’s called Flipboard TV.

The video service is available within the news app, and it features content that spans across various topics. These include categories such as news, business, politics, technology, travel, lifestyle, among others.

At launch, Flipboard TV was available on Samsung devices exclusively. But that’s no longer the case. According to a recent announcement, the video service is making its way to all Flipboard users in the United States.

Besides the media companies that first joined the service, several trusted publishers have also joined the platform. Some of the big names are Bloomberg media, The Wall Street Journal, and MarketWatch.

You’ll also find content from local TV stations and independent producers on the video service.

In a blog post announcement, Flipboard VP of Global Growth and Biz Dev, Claus Enevoldsensaid:

“Once you have the latest version of Flipboard, you can explore videos from nearly 300 sources, ranging from global media companies like Euronews to local news stations to up-and-coming creators like Potato Jet.”

Here’s how the video service works.

Discover, Follow, and Watch Videos on Flipboard TV

As said earlier, you’ll see native videos throughout the app immediately after updating to the latest version. Also, there’s a new section of the Content Guide.

As with articles on Flipboard, users can now add videos to a Magazine. At the same time, content creators and publishers can add their video content to Storyboards.

Flipboard Extends its Video Service to all Users
Flipboard TV Is Now Free For All Users /

Videos — especially those from YouTube — have been an essential part of Flipboard for a while. However, the company did not introduce a backend to play content natively until December 2019.

What we didn’t want to do was reinvent the wheel,” Flipboard’s head of video and monetization products, Brian Gottesman, told Engadget. “The play button is still a triangle.”

Gottesman further explained that his team worked on finding ways to tie videos into the news app’s existing curation model. That way, the user experience would remain as seamless as possible.

The new features have already rolled within the Flipboard app in the United States.

Samsung Galaxy device users will continue to enjoy exclusive access to upgrade to the premium, ad-free version of Flipboard TV. Meanwhile, the video service will be ad-supported for other users.

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