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Google Adds New Shopping Section to Search Result

Denys Prykhodov /

Denys Prykhodov /

On Wednesday, Google introduced a new shopping section to search results to enable users to find popular products conveniently.

Online shopping can be a tedious process, and that’s partly because of the number of shops on the internet today.

For example, finding a matching shoe to an outfit requires bouncing from one online store to another to compare choices. It could be hours before you finally know what and where to buy.

In the past, Google Search had provided links to products and stores to shoppers via Google Shopping. Now the search engine is including a shopping section to enhance users’ experience further.

In a blog post to announce the new feature, Group Product Manager at Google, Denise Hosaid:

“Starting today and rolling out this week, you’ll begin to see clothes, shoes, and accessories from across the web in one place on Search on your mobile device. So you can easily browse lots of different stores and brands at once.”

So, how does the new feature work?

Using the New Shopping Section in Google Search

Google says it had to index and organize items from over a million online stores and ensure the information remains up to date.

Like the regular Google Search index, the tech company doesn’t charge retailers to be part of the new feature. However, only specific products are eligible to appear in the shopping section on Search right now. These include shoes, clothes, and accessories.

To use the new section, search for clothes, shoes, or accessories.

For example, when you type “women’s leather belt” in the query box, the search engine identifies the most popular items from stores. Then, it brings all these products together in a new section shopping section on Search.

That way, you can filter the result by department, size, style, and type.

Also, the new Search feature allows you to visit a store’s website to learn more about a product. There’s also quick access to reviews to help shoppers make their decisions.

The search engine company further expressed its excitement at being able to connect shoppers with great retailers across the web. In the future, we could see the feature extend beyond clothing items.

Google says that it intends to expand the feature to more queries, categories, devices, and products.

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