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Google Ads Introduces an Easier way to Share Audience List

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Google Ads has introduced a more convenient way for manager accounts to share their audience list across all accounts.

Remarketing to people who have already engaged with your website is always an effective strategy. Not only can it drive brand awareness and sales, but it could ultimately help grow your business.

As such, advertisers need to be able to share marketing lists across managers and sub-accounts on Google Ads.

Although this feature was indeed available, it was a slow process that involved multiple steps. Well, not anymore.

On Tuesday, Google announced an easier way to share the audience list across accounts. Advertisers simply have to opt-in via the settings panel.

In the announcement, a staff software engineer at Google Ads, Pulkit Khurana wrote:

“To make it easier to share your audience lists quickly, you can now enable continuous audience sharing in your manager accounts.”

Here’s how it works.

Using a New Google Ads Feature to Share Audience List

Using a New Google Ads Feature to Share Audience List
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The new feature is called continuous audience sharing, and advertisers can activate it in their account settings, as shown above.

After opting in, the feature will share any remarketing list that you created on your manager account with other accounts. These include your existing and future sub-accounts.

Although the accounts can receive an audience list from multiple manager accounts, advertisers can still control which lists are active.

When sharing remarketing lists across accounts, remember that you may be sharing confidential or proprietary data,” says Google.

You should only share remarketing lists with other accounts if you have obtained permission from accounts that own them, and such sharing doesn’t violate any agreements you have with those accounts.”

With that said, the feature is unique to manager accounts. Sub-accounts can’t share lists with manager accounts yet.

However, that could change in the coming months.

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